I have nothing against children, and was even involved in the (to use the biblical word) "begatting" of a couple myself.

But there is one trait common to modern kids that I find grating and borderline unbearable.

That's whenever they're involved with adults in some activity requiring an attention span of more 30 seconds (going on a trip, visiting a museum, etc.) and they look up from their electronic devices and whine, "I'm bored…"

So I welcome this little story from Paula King, of Gretna:

"Our grandson, Max, used to spend the night at our house on a regular basis.

"One evening, when he was 2, we were relaxing after dinner.

"He sat on the sofa and said, 'I'm boring.'"

Ups and down

Karen Poirrier, of Lutcher, discusses a battle of the sexes that has been going on since the invention of hinged toilet seats:

"When almost-4-years-old granddaughter Kenley came for her Friday sleepover, she chose to use husband Buddy's bathroom adjacent to the den — but wanted to know why the toilet seat was up.

"I reminded her that she was using Paw Paw's bathroom and he left the seat up.

"With hands on hips, Kenley said, 'Paw Paw, you need to put the toilet seat down!'

"Three sleepovers later, the seat was still up and Kenley was still chastising Paw Paw.

"Upon entering the bathroom on the last Friday of the month, Kenley, with excitement in her voice, exclaimed, 'He's finally learning!'"

Clever crustaceans

Vallan Corbett says, "I am reading '12 Rules for Life' by Jordan Peterson.

"He says on Page 5 that the lobster '…employs special jets under its eyes to direct streams of liquid at its opponent. The liquid spray contains a mix of chemicals that tell the other lobster about its size, sex, health and mood.'

"Can Louisiana crawfish do that?"

(Vallan, I plan on getting up close and personal with some crawfish at a neighborhood boil Sunday. I'll see what I can find out then…) 

Crawfish rule!

While we're on that topic, here's a note from Glenn Everett, of Broussard:

"I sympathize with Linda Whitman and her 'exporting crawfish to Georgia' story in the Monday column.

"My wife and I brought 12 sacks and all the necessaries to Asheville, North Carolina, a week ago to what has become an annual event for my children — and now for many of their friends.

"I have learned a crawfish boil with all the trimmings is more popular there than the 'low country boil' (shrimp, sausage, etc.)

"Much work, but a great time with the kids. A taste of Louisiana is popular everywhere!"

Thank-you note

Nora O'Connell, of Thibodaux, thanks a Baton Rouge police officer for going out of his way to help on a recent Saturday:

"My husband Ron and I attended a wedding at the L'Auberge Baton Rouge Event Center.

"Someone had told me that if I took Skip Bertman Drive to River Road I would get there.

"But we hit construction on River Road. There were several policemen at the corner, and we asked how we could get to the Event Center.

"One young officer found it on his phone, then asked if I was familiar with Baton Rouge. When I told him I was not, he told me to follow him.

"He brought us right to the center, then gave us directions on how to get to I-10 to return to Thibodaux.

"A big 'Thank you' to him and other officers!"

Special People Dept.

Marian Cupples celebrates her 93rd birthday on Tuesday, April 17.

Feathered doorman

Dale J. Landry, of Baton Rouge, continues our seminar on clever pet tricks:

"I had a parakeet that I would let out for his cage for a little exercise (after I turned the ceiling fan off).

"When he returned to his little home, he would jump into the cage — and pull the door closed behind him."

Inquiring Minds Dept.

Algie Petrere says, "I read that 4,153,237 people got married last year. Not to cause any trouble, but shouldn't that be an even number?"

Louisiana Haiku

Cork floats on still pond

Fisherman dozes in shade

With luck, gets no bites  

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