Joel d'Aquin Thibodeaux, of Baton Rouge, says, "Algie Petrere's story of the little girl picking out her own too-expensive dress reminds me of the time I was shopping with my Aunt Bert, cousin Linda, and Linda’s 4-year-old daughter Amy at the mall.

"Linda picked out some outfits to buy for Amy, but decided against a red-and-black plaid skirt that Amy really wanted. Amy was not too happy at this decision.

"So, while we were waiting for Linda to pay for Amy’s new outfits, Amy grabbed the plaid skirt and started running while yelling at the top of her lungs, 'I’ve gotta have this skirt!'

"Amy ran out of the store and into the mall area, and she did not slow down. Linda took off after her: 'Amy! Come back! We didn’t pay for that!'

"Amy ran very fast and darted back and forth as she kept slipping away from her mom. The whole time, she was hollering, 'No! I gotta have this skirt! Gotta have this skirt!'

"Linda finally caught up with Amy and brought her and the skirt back to the store. Everyone was laughing hysterically, security did not get called, and Linda ended up buying the plaid skirt for Amy!"

Foreign Affairs, Part Deux

Regarding the item in Tuesday's column about the little boy who said the foreign coin (a euro) he was holding must be from Alabama, Sharon Mickles sends another "international" story:

"When Sheldon and I went to Natchitoches in July for a friend's retirement celebration, we took along our granddaughters, 7-year-old Addie and then-4-year-old Evie Loupe, because their parents were off on a scuba diving trip.

"The girls had a great time on the road trip, and were obviously tired on the way home. Evie, however, was in the back seat playing a game on her iPad when we pulled up to a red light on U.S. 190 in Port Barre.

"When we came to a full stop, Evie looked up from her iPad, looked out her window and asked, 'Are we back in America yet?'"

Brief encounters

Tim Palmer, of "Lower Lafayette" comments on the mention by Harvey Pashibin, of "Upper Lafayette," of buying exercise equipment for Christmas:

"Tell Harvey he can self-indulge with a Bowflex station, Peloton bike, or Nautilus treadmill without spending more money.

"He need only wait until sometime in February — when they start showing up on the curb in neighborhoods all over town."

(I don't know, Tim — then what would we hang our clothes on?)

Sound reason

Peter Bennett adds to our seminar on why dogs don't seem to chase cars as much anymore, with the suggestion that it's the sound: 

"Snakes and cars — why do dogs chase them? Snakes hiss. Dogs hate snakes and chase them. In the 'old days' (I'm 81) mufflers were not as good as today's are — they hissed."

Special People Dept.

Faye Gremillion Hansen, of Opelousas, celebrates her 94th birthday Thursday, Dec. 5.

Choice verse

David McLemore recalls the days when LSU was seeking a new football coach, and many people supported the "sexy" hires of Tom Herman or Jimbo Fisher, who wound up at Texas and Texas A&M, respectively:

"With all of the mention of poetry in your column lately, I thought a little poetry might sum up the LSU football program:

"Many of the wishers

wanted Herman or Fisher.

But fate gave us Coach O.

Now look at who's 12 & O!

Geaux Tigers!"

Speaking of Tigers…

T-Bob Taylor, of Panama City Beach, Florida, says with the Alabama Crimson Tide's last three losses coming at the hands of the Clemson Tigers, LSU Fighting Tigers and Auburn Tigers, don't be surprised if new high schools in Alabama are reluctant to name their athletic teams "Tigers" for the next few years.   

Viewer's lament

Paul Hebert, of Breaux Bridge, offers this analysis of commercial television:

"Well, the annoying political commercials have been over for about two weeks now. On Dec. 7 the annoying Medicare commercials will be over.

"Then we will be able to enjoy the incredibly annoying lawyers' commercials again."

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