"The animal funeral stories remind me of a sad story," says Dave Grouchy, of Covington:

"My black lab, Duke, came trotting proudly up to me with a deceased rabbit in his mouth. He was a hunter, so I praised him — until I recognized the bunny as the pet of my neighbor’s little girl.

"I inspected the rabbit, who was sure enough dead, and covered with mud and leaves. I called Duke everything but a good dog.

"I noticed that the neighbors were not home, so I cleaned the rabbit up as best I could with soap and water, then blow-dried her and put her back in her hutch. I figured the neighbors would think she had died of natural causes and not be mad at me or my dog.

"Sure enough, later that evening the neighbors returned home and there was quite a commotion. I hid in the house and avoided them for days.

"About a week later I bumped into my neighbor and asked how he was doing. He said, 'Not so good. You remember my daughter’s little bunny, Fluffy? Well, Fluffy died and some sick son-of-a-gun dug her up and put her back in her hutch.'"

Well, he DID fetch!

Andree Herrington, of Metairie, tells about Jack (aka Houdini), their black lab. In addition to being an escape artist, Jack was a clever retriever:

"My husband took Jack dove hunting. The man hunting next to them didn’t have a dog. When he couldn’t find a bird he had shot, he asked my husband if he could use Jack to find it.

"Jack went over and circled the area a few times. Then he went straight to the man’s game bag, grabbed a big dove, and promptly brought it to my husband.

"My husband laughed and yelled, 'That’s what I trained him to do!'”

A bloody shame

To provide equal time for cats, I've sought "cute cat" stories. There are "cute kitten" stories, but cats are way too dignified to be cute.

But here's a decidedly un-cute cat tale from T.W.:

"Russell Gremillion had two cats: CC, the friendly mild-mannered animal who generally played second fiddle to the apex predator, Tut.

"This conflict was evident when CC came home one day with his pinky toe hanging on just by a thread.

"My job was the holder; I wrapped the cat up in a towel with just his back leg sticking out. Russell performed the quick surgical snip.

"I had to use every bit of strength I could muster to keep that cat from shredding the towel and us! We had to stop a small fountain of blood coming from the toe.

"We bandaged the toe the best we could, and left poor CC in the bathroom to rest and calm down a bit. When we came 30 minutes later it looked like a murder scene in a Tarantino movie.

"CC had removed the bandage and walked on every surface in the bathroom, including the walls. Blood was everywhere!

"CC survived and limped along for several more years, but would never come near me again. It made me wonder if he knew all I did was hold the towel…"

Thought for the Day

From Marvin Borgmeyer, of Baton Rouge: "Morning is God's way of saying one more time: go make a difference, touch a heart, encourage a mind, inspire a soul and enjoy the day!"

Father's Day

Sandra Pence, of Ponchatoula, tells this story of love and marriage:

"My sister's daughter was getting married for the second time. My sister asked me to watch her granddaughter Casey, age 7.

"My grandson Paul, age 6, came over and saw Casey, who was real excited. She told Paul, 'Guess what, Paul? I have two daddies!'   

"He looked at her, real worried, and said, 'Does your mama know?'"


Wayne Smith, of Covington, says, "I saw this painted on the back window of a car in a parking lot in Kenner yesterday:


"'I do. I did. I'm done.'

"Was it his car or her car? Inquiring minds want to know…"

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