Another in our "Kids Saying Funny Stuff" series:

Claire Delaune, of Baton Rouge, says, "I broke my favorite necklace today. It was a simple sterling silver chain with a small silver bow on it that my husband had bought for me from the famous Tiffany & Co.

"I was lamenting my misfortune to my husband and two sons. I said, 'I broke my necklace, and it was Tiffany's!'

"My youngest, Reece, who is 9, responded 'Oh no! It didn't even belong to you?'"

Hanging around

A "sign of the times" note from Joseph W. Berey, of Covington:

"I have noticed those valuable Mardi Gras beads that once dangled from rearview mirrors in our cars have been replaced with COVID-19 masks."

What, no kazoos?

Henry Bradsher, of Baton Rouge, says Monday's story about a Zoomed graduation ceremony with kazoos, before a seven-state audience, "was similar to two international celebrations Saturday for our grandson, who finished Pittsburgh’s Carnegie Mellon University with majors in machine learning/statistics and Chinese.

"Christopher has been in Laramie, Wyoming, with his other grandmother since a skiing vacation when CMU changed to online classes because of the coronavirus.

"His mother in New York City set up a Zoom celebration with participants from New York, Baton Rouge, Laramie, Hilo in Hawaii, and Hong Kong.

"Later Saturday my wife, Monica, set up a connection with our son’s family in New York; Laramie; Chris’s cousin in Santa Barbara, California; his aunt in Maui, Hawaii; Taipei, Taiwan, where Christopher’s stepmother and younger siblings live; and his father, the New York Times man in Beijing, China (it was Sunday morning in East Asia).

"Monica piped in an orchestral version of 'Pomp and Circumstance' — no kazoos."

Padou? Who?

"I have been reading the letters about 'gradou,'" says Tom Madere, of LaPlace. "My parents often referred to certain people as being 'padou' or 'padous.'

"My impression was those referred to as padou were unrefined and unkempt. The term is still quite common in the river parishes. Maybe your readers can define the difference between gradou and padou."

Eggs, etc.

"With all of the current interest in raising chickens as a result of the pandemic, people should be aware that it's not just about chickens and eggs," says Paul Major, of Livonia:

"When I was young, my grandmother and aunt raised chickens for eggs and meat. They had a chicken house with nesting boxes off the ground for chickens to lay eggs in.

"I enjoyed reaching up into the boxes to gather the eggs — until one day I reached in and felt not an egg but a snake.

"Needless to say, my egg-gathering days ended at that point. I have no problem these days getting my eggs out of the refrigerator."

Special People Dept.

  • Rose Ann Leger celebrates her 95th birthday Wednesday, May 20. A native of Palmetto, she now lives with daughters in Sunset and Port Allen.
  • Mary Nelle Sullivan, of Algiers, celebrates her 92nd birthday Wednesday, May 20.
  • Curtis Mitchel, of Baton Rouge, celebrated his 92nd birthday May 12.
  • Dr. Charles and Toni Nolan celebrate 51 years of marriage Wednesday, May 20.

Colorful comment

After it was suggested we might want to post "before" photos prior to our first post-quarantine haircut, Susan Hendry Tureau tells why ladies might not want to do this:

"It is not the 'much-needed haircut' pictures that some women would not want to take a selfie of. It is what might show color-wise when hair grows out from roots."

Colorful comment II

Steve, from Scott, offers this bit of nostalgia:

"While on our honeymoon in northern Arkansas in 1976, we were looking for a motel; it was getting late, and not many places were open.

"We pulled into a place called Three Bears Inn that looked clean, but not fancy. I asked the lady for a room for two.

"She said they had two different rates; $10 or $15. I asked what was the difference. She said one had black and white TV and the other had color TV.

"I told her we were on our honeymoon and did not need a TV."

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