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Dear Smiley: I married into a Cajun family. My father-in-law told the story of him and his friends' hunting camp in the woods.

A wildlife agent would now and then visit and have a meal with them.

One day one of the guys asked the agent what it would take to extend the hunting season.

The agent replied, "They would have to add a month to the calendar."

Sounds like he had their number.



Excitement City

Dear Smiley: About Thursday's story on life in Baton Rouge:

Back in the ’60s there was a French Quarter comedian who would routinely make jokes about Baton Rouge night life, so I was told.

His list of exciting activities included walking around downtown while trying to step on cockroaches, and going to Sears to watch them unload a furniture truck.



Thrill rides

Dear Smiley: In reading on Thursday about the "grand tour" of downtown Baton Rouge as compared to New Orleans, I thought, “Wow, that's almost as exciting as when in the ’50s and ’60s we would get to go around Baton Rouge's Florida/Airline "traffic circle" twice in the back of a station wagon.

Of course this didn't even compare to the excitement we had in New Orleans of riding out to the middle of Lake Pontchartrain and turning around on the incomplete causeway. Breathtaking.


St. Francisville

Miracle pans

Dear Smiley: Man, I'm blown away by those pans being advertised on TV.

Talk about culinary magic: you can cook two eggs in the same pan and they don't even commingle! But not only that, each egg cooks with the yolk dead center surrounded by the albumin. It's magic, I tell ya!



Dear Bill: Sounds like one of those commercials where the guy comes on and says, "But wait! There's more!" 

Plenty of nothing

Dear Smiley: I answered my phone. A lady asked, "Do you have car insurance?'' I told her, "I don't have a car."

Then she asked, "Do you have home insurance?" I said, "I don't have a home."

She asked, "Are you a renter?" I replied, "I don't have rent."

She then asked me, "Do you have medical insurance?" I started to say, "I don't have a body." But before I could say it, I started laughing so hard she hung up.


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Baton Rouge

Grateful prisoner

Dear Smiley: During World War II, a German prisoner of war named Bruder was placed in a POW camp near Kaplan.

In 2005, Bruder’s son and his wife traveled to Vermillion Parish and donated Bruder’s combat helmet to the Acadian Museum in Erath.

Bruder's son stated that when his father returned to Germany after the war he spoke glowingly about how he was well treated by the Cajuns in Vermillion Parish — even allowed to leave the prison camp to work in the local sugar cane fields.

The helmet is presently on display in the museum’s military exhibit.



Cutting remarks

Dear Smiley: I'm originally from Michigan, but have been in Louisiana for so long I feel like a native, and certainly sound like one. But some local words and phrases still puzzle me.

I work at an electric company, and employees and customers often talk about lights being "cut off." I understand that.

But often customers will ask when the lights will be "cut on." That I don’t get.



Name game

Dear Smiley: Speaking of inhabitants' names: growing up in St. Martinville, I knew a lot of St. Martinvillans.


New Iberia

Important hours

Dear Smiley: During a recent symposium (in the Greek sense) we were discussing the infrastructure bill.

Besides roads and bridges, it seems happy hour could very well be included. Happy hour is vital to the mental health and well-being so many folks.

Why not two hours, five days a week, of free happy hour for all people? To keep the wealthy from abusing this, no one making over $500,000 per year would be eligible.

Feel free to promote this proposal using your bully pulpit.



Cleaning out

Dear Smiley: Diet, day one: I have removed all "bad" food from my house.

It was delicious.



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