Yvette Spence tells this hunting story:

"My husband escaped the Communists in Hungary in 1956 and came to America. We met in college and married in 1968.

"We lived in Metairie, and often came to Slidell on the weekend and stayed at my parents' house. This particular weekend, my father took my husband squirrel hunting.

"My husband shot a squirrel, but didn't kill him. He came back and took it to the vet, who just shook his head. The squirrel was crippled, so he built a nice cage for him, where he lived for years.

"My dad never took him hunting again. Can anyone top this?"

(I don't think I can, but it reminds me of a "Seinfeld" episode involving George Costanza, an injured squirrel, and a veterinarian.)

Changing times

Jim Dalferes, of Covington, weighs in on our discussion of dogs chasing cars:

"Dogs don't chase cars much anymore because most drivers don't litter, no longer tempting dogs by tossing fresh takeout leftovers from their cars.

"Neither do most drivers engage much anymore in the sport of targeting raccoons, armadillos and other innocent critters trying to cross the road; so their cars' tires no longer bear the chase-inducing heavenly scent of fresh roadkill."

Old friends

Craig M. Bennett, of Morgan City, continues our stories about dealing with family members:

"One day while I was visiting with one of my buddies, he told me a story about his son and daughter-in-law coming to him and mentioning that they felt he was treating one of the older grandchildren different from the younger ones.

"So he pondered for a moment, looked at his son and said, 'I think I can explain this. You see, I have known the older one longer.’ ”

Name on the wall

After we mentioned the National Churchill Museum in Fulton, Missouri, and its section of the Berlin Wall, we heard from Patricia Morrow, of Lafayette:

"I have been following your letters on the fall of the Berlin Wall very closely.

"I, too, have a piece of the wall from when I was there shortly after it came down in 1989. I was much younger then and was able to carry cement around in my luggage for a couple of weeks.

"Your column mentioned a 40-foot section of the wall at the Churchill Museum. When I was in Berlin I signed my name and address and wrote 'USA' on a section of the wall that had been set aside for some reason. I wonder now if that was the part I signed.

"I was not aware of this museum in Missouri, and hope some day to visit it."

Special People Dept.

  • Laura Cotton celebrated her 101st birthday Tuesday, Dec. 3.
  • Herb and Linda Whitman, of Denham Springs, celebrate 52 years of marriage Monday, Dec 9.
  • James "T-Boy" and Donna Gueho celebrated their 50th anniversary Thursday, Dec. 5.
  • Billy and Louise "Weegee" Travis celebrated their 50th anniversary Thursday, Dec. 5.

Got a tiger?

After we mentioned the Tigers of LSU, Auburn and Clemson, who had defeated a common crimson-clad foe on the gridiron, we heard from Ernie Gremillion, of Baton Rouge, with a suggestion for a contest:

"I've always been amazed as to how many American universities have a tiger as their mascot (according to an online search, it's 24).

"Today's trivia question is, 'How many universities who have a tiger as their mascot actually have a live tiger? (Other than LSU, of course.)'

"Whoever answers correctly first will win the privilege of having a po-boy and root beer with you at the Pastime — Dutch treat."

Thought for the Day

From Algie Petrere, of Central, a parent's lament: "If my kids had known there was a light in the oven, they would have left that one on too."

Ready to settle

"Smiley, I have used talcum powder and Roundup, and been exposed to asbestos," says Shooter Mullins. "Who do I see to get my money?"

(Shooter, just turn on your TV, or check the nearest billboard; I'm sure you can find someone who'll be glad to help you.)

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