Here's a story you might find hard to believe:

I was driving to work (well, driving to the office…) Monday morning on Interstate 10 when the driver of the car in front of me PUT ON HIS TURN SIGNAL TO INDICATE A LANE CHANGE!

Since this almost never happens, I was so pleased by his thoughtfulness that when I passed him, I honked and waved.

Startled, he looked around, saw me, and waved back — but using only one finger…

Oh. Never mind…

Sarah Stravinska, of Chestnut in Natchitoches Parish, says one year on son Michael's birthday, "in a silly mood my daughters and I all got on the phone and called him.

"The minute he answered we started singing. Inspired by Laurie Anderson's album, 'Big Science,' we were going, 'Huh, huh, huh this is your mother; huh, huh, happy birthday; huh, huh,' etc.

"By the end we were on the floor, all huffed out and giggling.

"The voice on the other end of the phone said, 'Oh. I guess you wanted to talk to Michael.'"

The un-hotel 

"Tygerbam," of Metairie, says, "The recent stories of Hôtel-Dieu hospital brought this to mind:

"During the Howard Johnson shooting of 1973 on Loyola Avenue in New Orleans, there must have been a reporter who was new to New Orleans.

"Because as they were announcing that some of the injured were being brought to Hôtel-Dieu for treatment, the reporter questioned why in the world the injured were being brought to a hotel!

"Every time I hear or read about Hôtel-Dieu, I think of that reporter."

Wild Kingdom South

"A few years ago," says Patrick Howard, of Zachary, "my wife, Carolyn, had gone to visit my aunt who lived across the street from us.

"As they were sitting in the dining room watching the birds at the feeder, they noticed several squirrels feeding from the seeds that had fallen from the feeder.

"There were also some rats that were there taking advantage of the bounty.

"Pretty soon a hawk landed on the deck rail. My aunt, very seriously, asked, 'What do you feed a hawk?'

"My wife told her that with all those squirrels and rats, the hawk could feed itself.

"For my aunt's safety, though, the bird feeding had to be abandoned, because of the problems the rats could cause."

Inquiring Minds Dept.

Marvin Borgmeyer asks me for help with this question: "Which letter is silent in the word 'scent,' the 's' or the 'c'?" (My dictionary says the "c" is silent.)

Special People Dept.

  • Thelma L. Caldwell celebrated her 101th birthday on Sept. 25 at Boudreaux's in Baton Rouge.
  • Mary Hill, of Amber Terrace in Baton Rouge, celebrates her 92nd birthday on Tuesday, Oct. 10.

Fair warning

After Tony Falterman, of Napoleonville, wrote in about a campus parking incident, we heard from Jerry Berggren with this tale:

"This memory was awakened when Tony mentioned the college parking sign reading 'Reserved for Dean' (leading to a student named Dean parking there).

"Several years ago, when I was with the LSU Extension Service and Tony was sheriff in Assumption Parish, I was called there by the county agent to assist with an agricultural problem.

"Upon arriving at the governmental complex, I was looking for a parking place.

"Open space after open space had 'No Parking' signs.

"The last sign in the row read 'Don't Even Think of Parking Here.' Below that it read 'Reserved for Sheriff.'"

The old shell game

J.C. Robillard, of Port Allen, offers this "possibly true" story:

"Many years ago I was going through Breaux Bridge and saw a sign that read 'Turtle Race.'

"I inquired about it, and found that it was on. I found the track, and there were two turtles racing that day. One was painted red and the other was painted green.

"I placed a bet, and they were off. A good while later, the race was over.

"My view of the finish line was obstructed, so I couldn't see the winner.

"I asked a man standing beside me, 'Did the red turtle or the green turtle win?'

"He said, 'It was too close to call.'" 

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