Alex "Sonny" Chapman, of Ville Platte, submits this tale under LSU Folklore:

"Before they had cable TV, the ardent/crazy LSU football fans from Ville Platte had a charter bus to bring them to every home game, due to the challenges of getting back home after the game.

"One of the traditions involved the National Anthem. As soon as that song ended, they’d raise their beverage cups and yell, 'Play ball, Chataignier.'

"I think that had its origin from the tradition of starting each home basketball game at the late Chataignier High School — that was the call from their local fans at the tip-off."

(I assume this mystified other LSU fans around them…)

Near miss

The death of Burt Reynolds brought this from Julie Kay:

"In my younger lifetime, being an intrepid student reporter for my college newspaper in Palm Beach, Florida, I got wind that THE Burt Reynolds was headed into the drama department office of Watson B. Duncan III, a very well-known drama teacher there.

"It seemed he had helped a young Burt in his early career.

"Burt was bringing Dinah Shore, whom he happened to be dating at the time, to meet Professor Duncan.

"I missed him, apparently, by a mere 15 minutes. While I got to meet and talk with presidential candidates during my time there, my 18-year-old self called Burt Reynolds 'the one that got away…'"

Fiery performance

"Storm," a self-identified "Old Baton Rougean," says, "I saw Jimi Hendrix at Independence Hall in 1968!

He burned his guitar with Zippo lighter fluid — I was close enough to see the can.

"A fantastic jam and truly a night to remember!"

Casual cuts

Keith Horcasitas says, "Your recent contributors' notes about being under-dressed brought back a memory of a place where you could over-dress!

"While in grad school at San Diego State in the early '80s, I purposely wore a very cheesy punk rock tie to Pinnacle Peak Patio Steakhouse in Scottsdale, Arizona, where they literally cut your tie off with big scissors if you showed up there wearing one!"

The restaurant, opened in 1957, began cutting off ties to enforce its "casual dress" policy.

It became a badge of honor to have your tie clipped off there, and the place was decorated with thousands of such ties.

Its website shows that the restaurant closed after 58 years in business. 


I must confess that I've flunked "Know Your Cemeteries 101."

When Richard O'Neill, in the Monday column, told of a visit to Greenwood Cemetery, I assumed he meant the one in Baton Rouge.

Richard issued a gracious correction to that assumption, and explained:

"Living in New Orleans all my life, the only Greenwood I knew was at the end of the Canal Street streetcar line."

Nice People Dept.

Paul Aucoin, of Baton Rouge, says, "When  my van overheated while I was driving to work one morning, I had to pull off on the side of North Street.

"Luckily I was able to park at Roselawn Monuments. The owners and staff immediately provided enough water to get me to my mechanic, as well as moral support.

"Props to them. By the way, the headstone business is doing well in Baton Rouge these days."

Thanks, Paul…that's good news…I guess…

Special People Dept.

  • William Cline Jr., of Morganza, celebrated his 90th birthday on Sunday, Sept. 9.
  • Kenny and Diana Wells celebrated their 50th anniversary on Friday, Sept. 7.

The gadabouts

Elwyn Bocz, of Lutcher, says, "When my wife and I got home Monday from the LSU game in Texas, we left home again Thursday of that same week for Biloxi to see The Commodores.

"When my wife told our youngest grandchild, age 7, that we were leaving again that week for Biloxi, he told her that we were definitely taking too many field trips."

Life imitates comics

Don Olivier, of Lacombe, says this about the late Tropical Storm Gordon: "The fast-moving storm that just missed us reminded me of one of my childhood comic book characters — Flash Gordon."

Bad News Dept.

Algie Petrere says, "You know you're in trouble when:

"Your accountant's letter of resignation is postmarked Zurich, and your secretary tells you the FBI is on Line 1, the district attorney is on Line 2, and CBS is on Line 3."

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