Janice DeJean, of Baton Rouge, says, "I read a newspaper article about a dog named Cleo, who made a 50-mile trek from her family's new home in Kansas to her old home in Missouri.

"The family didn't know how Cleo made the trip, which would have required her to cross at least one river. What an amazing feat!

"It's also ironic that we humans have access to GPS navigation systems in our cars, but we can't find our way to the neighborhood Taco Bell without getting lost.

"If only Cleo could talk."

Poor Stupid!

Jo Ann Paulin, of Metairie, says, "We always had trouble coming up with creative names for pets.

"We had one cat we named Eve. Here’s why. Our house had a cathedral ceiling foyer with a balcony extending out from our bedroom.

"There was a foot-wide gap between the stairs and the balcony. She would stand on the stairs and jump through the railings onto the balcony, so we called her Eve L. Knievel.

"Another cat, Little Bit, was extremely smart and could open doors and her cat food container.

"So we called our third cat Stupid. You go with what you’ve got."

Furry viewer

Rhetta Sellers says, "Speaking of creative names for pets; we had a cat that spent his days on top of our television and watched the TV hanging upside down.

"Of course, we had to name him Nielsen."

Makin' groceries

Harvey Pashibin, of Upper Lafayette, offers this history lesson:

"Back in the 1880s, to get your groceries you made a list, stood in line, then waited while one person ran all over the building procuring your products.

"So 140 years later, you email a list, then one person runs all over the building procuring your products and you drive in line to get them.

"That’s progress!"

Which reminds me

When I was a kid in Natchez, Mississippi, we lived in my grandmother's house.

Nearly every day she'd call to order from Druetta's Grocery, founded by my great-grandfather and operated by his sons, her brothers John and Dave.

A short time after her phone call, Uncle Dave would show up in his pickup truck with a box of groceries. He'd have coffee with her and they'd talk about the news of the day.

It always seemed to me to be a nice way to get your groceries, and it's interesting that we've returned to something resembling that method today.  

Hunter and artist

Marie Merrill, of Baton Rouge, says recent stories about snake hunter Kelly Falcon remind her that he was also quite an artist:

"I had the Road Runner gift shop in the Ramada Inn on Airline Highway, and Kelly painted bayou scenes on very large oyster shells — quite a unique souvenir item for tourists.

"He also painted a large bayou scene for an Airline Highway restaurant. I bought a print, and my daughter has it in her den over the fireplace."

Special People Dept.

  • Dr. James Traynham, of Baton Rouge, former LSU chemistry professor, department chair, vice chancellor for research and Graduate School dean, celebrates his 95th birthday Wednesday, August 5.
  • Rosa Daigle, of Watson, celebrates her 93rd birthday Wednesday, August 5.
  • Roland and Carmen Generes Gravois, of Gonzales, celebrate their 70th anniversary Wednesday, August 5. They were "college sweethearts" at LSU.
  • Jack and Mary Cutrer, of Baton Rouge, celebrate their 70th anniversary Wednesday, August 5.
  • Ronnie and Pat Domas, of Baton Rouge, celebrated their 57th anniversary Monday, August 3.

That's unflattering! 

T.W. says about pet names: "Years ago we were shopping in Occoquan, Virginia, an antique village outside Washington, D.C. We noticed lots of cats with no tails; an antique shop had a box of tailless kittens.

"The shop owner said local bobcats mated with domestic cats to produce bob-tailed hybrids.

"We took the runt of the litter, a brown and white female whose rear-end fur tuft looked like the spoiler on a race car.

"We named her DB, short for 'Duck Butt.'

"She grew up with the hunting skills of a trained killer, and a temper as short as her tail."

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