"I am dedicated to responsible environmental behavior," says David Bretz.

"For example, I support recycling and re-gifting. There are too few of us offering that necessary part of successful re-gifting programs — specifically, to serve as gift recipients.

"With this in mind, to help those in need, I make this public service announcement: I LIKE fruitcake. As that lawyer on TV says, 'I'm here to help.'"

Remembering Bo

Paul Duffy adds to our discussion of the origin of "Geaux Tigers":

"When LSU hired Bo Rein as football coach (Nov. 30, 1979), Johnny Land, of Land and Land Printing, printed up bumper stickers saying 'Geaux Beaux!'"

Few knew of this because Coach Rein died in a plane crash Jan. 10, 1980.  

Know your possums

Louis Lumbardo, of Franklin, says he grew tired of opossums and raccoons eating the food he and his wife put out for outside cats:

"I borrowed a humane trap from a friend and baited it with bread crusts from the egg salad sandwiches my wife makes when it's our turn to being refreshments to church.

"I caught a large opossum and had just put it in my truck to go to the levee to relocate him, when my next-door neighbor came over to tell me he'd seen an opossum eating his cat's food.

"I opened the tailgate of my truck, pointed to the opossum and asked him if this was the one he saw. We both had a good laugh!

"Incidentally, the count is nine raccoons and three opossums, so far!"   

What road?

Doug Johnson, of Watson, says, "Chuck Falcon’s story about being followed into his driveway reminded me of an incident several years ago.

"I was driving in some very dense fog at night when another car pulled up very close behind me. I was having trouble seeing where the highway lanes were before, and its headlights made it practically impossible to see.

"Finally, I eased over to the right and onto the shoulder to let him pass.

"Instead of passing, he stopped behind me. After a couple of minutes, the driver came to my window and asked, 'Sir, when are you going to move on and stop blocking the road?'

"Now THAT was some heavy fog."

Name game

"A few days ago, you had an item about a man whose name matched his job," says Jim Mestayer, of Baton Rouge.

"I have an opposite story. Years ago, in New Iberia, I knew a young policeman whose first name was Lawless."  

Poorer than thou

After Tony Falterman told of his childhood, when cold weather meant getting up and running to the fireplace to keep warm, he received this comment from Nobel Benoit:

"Y'all had a FIREPLACE?"

Health nut

"My wife made a New Year's resolution to eat healthier," says Marvin Borgmeyer. "She said she was going to eat an apple a day.

"Grocery shopping, we were walking through the bakery section. She asked, 'How many apples are in that apple cinnamon king cake?' "

Special People Dept.

  • Lucy L. Kadair celebrates her 96th birthday Wednesday, Jan. 10. She is a native of Algiers.
  • Leatrice Lambert, of French Settlement, celebrates her 90th birthday Wednesday, Jan. 10.
  • Charles and Audrey Daigle, of Paincourtville, celebrate 65 years of marriage Wednesday, Jan. 10.

Bah! Humbug!

"Old Friend" lodges this post-Christmas complaint:

"Those inflatable seasonal yard decorations are tacky and an eyesore, especially when allowed to remain on their lawns deflated in a heap of limp plastic pieces.

"If you insist on using this tableau, keep them alive with the adequate level of oxygen."

Belly laugh

Larry Lemoine, of Grosse Tete, says, "Great-grandson Hayden, 4, was sitting on the couch watching cartoons. When I sat next to him, he glanced at me and asked, 'Paw Paw, why is your belly so high?'

"Thinking fast (for me), I responded, 'Hayden, I just got through eating.'

"Hayden, without missing a beat, tells me, shaking his head slightly, 'Paw Paw, you ate waaaay too much.'

"Be careful. Lie to a child, and they may respond with the truth."

Louisiana haiku

Seasonal phrases

Hey, throw me something, mister!

Don't eat the baby!

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