Linda Whitman suffered from homesickness and a longing for Southern accents while spending time in the Frozen Nawth:

"We went to Seattle to visit our daughter for Thanksgiving this year.

"With her 'Daddy-Do' list, we headed to Home Depot.

"While standing in line, another register opened up and a nice man motioned for us to get ahead of him. I thought I’d have some fun, and said, 'Tell your momma I said she raised you well.'

"He grinned and said, 'Y’all have a Merry Christmas!'

"PS: I was ready to kiss the ground when we landed in New Orleans."

On guard

Marsha R., of Baton Rouge, continues our seminar on dogs:

"We once had a sweet American pit bull named Boojum (her mother was named Snark).

"She had only one enemy, the postman. Every day he carried mail to the front door, she stood in the window and barked viciously until she drove him away.

"We worried that some day she would be out in the back 40 on the leash with my elderly mother when the dangerous postman appeared. Would she drag my mother, or tear loose and assault the intruder?

"Finally it happened; the postman was early and my mother was late. Boojum pulled her back to the house and pushed her aside to gain entrance, so she could get to the window and bark fiercely at the invader.

"The post office should charge for this service. Once a day your dog has the satisfaction of defending your property and can go back to sleep, knowing he has demonstrated his value to the household again."

Deflating experience

Tony Falterman, of Napoleonville, comments on a Wednesday story:

"Some of your readers will probably not believe the story about the Rottweiler biting a tire and deflating it.

"However, on a trip to Miami in the ’70s, I was told that a dog could bite a tire and deflate it. Of course, I said there was no way.

"The owner of the dog said, 'I don’t want to bet you because you’re a friend, but watch this.'

"At that point he sicced his dog on a tire that was supporting a welding machine trailer. In a matter of a few seconds the tire went flat! A dog could actually flatten a tire!"

Sorry, Storm

I'm going to learn one day not to assume anything. When a Baton Rouge correspondent sent in the Wednesday story about the dog versus the tire, the note was signed "Storm."

I assumed this was an alias. But Storm Randall informs me that it's a real name…

Thought for the Day

From Marvin Borgmeyer, of Baton Rouge: "Talk to yourself, because there are times you need expert advice!"

Special People Dept.

  • Faune Ruppe Futral, of Port Barre, celebrates her 103rd birthday Friday, Dec. 6. She is a volunteer at Opelousas General Hospital.
  • Randolph Trappey Jr., of Lafayette, celebrates his 91st birthday Sunday, Dec. 8.
  • Marie Peytavin Waguespack celebrates her 90th birthday Friday, Dec. 6.
  • Haywood Glen Bass celebrates his 90th birthday Friday, Dec. 6.
  • Charles "Bubba" and Janet Madere, of Central, celebrated their 50th anniversary Nov. 1.

Cheerful (?) giver

Don Landaiche, of Donaldsonville, noting my mention of my 10 great-grandchildren, says he has 12, and "I find that the hardest thing is to try to call off all their names."

He adds this, no doubt referring to the upcoming holiday season:

"I found out something else — it ain't 'cheaper by the dozen.'"

Dangerous game

Jim Dalferes, of Covington, adds to our discussion of forgetting names:

"If any of your readers want to have their own fun story to write you about forgetting a family member's name, I suggest that, during their next minor spat with their wife, they playfully 'forget' and call her by the name of an ex-spouse or girlfriend.

"Her response to this gaffe is bound to be both cute and memorable, I guarantee. I speak from personal experience."

(Jim, the fact that you're still around to write this shows that your wife either has a great sense of humor or very poor aim…) 

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