Our story of the novice hurdler who won third place in a three-man race led others to tell of their athletic achievements:

— Tim Palmer, of Lafayette, says, "When I was in the eighth grade, playing football for the Galvez Pirates, I scored the most points of anyone on the team.

"In fact I scored six times that of the next highest point maker.

"I scored the only touchdown that season, and Lyle Dixon kicked the only extra point!"

— Grady Ratcliff says, "Winning trophies is not a problem for us.

"A couple of years ago we entered the Senior Olympics here in Destin, Florida, our new home. We qualified to compete in our age group in a variety of athletic events at the meet in Clearwater.

"We came in seventh in the entire state of Florida in our age group, which I think is commendable.

"There is, as always, a 'however' — we were the seventh team in our age group to participate."

Current affairs

Rick Marshall says, "Once on a tubing trip we were met by friends who had brought along a friend from the Frozen Nawth.

"We parked our cars, grabbed our inner tubes, and boarded the bus to take us upriver.

"The Northerner saw the river from the bus and asked the driver, 'Which way do we go?'

"The bus driver smiled at him and said, 'Just get in.'"

Common cents

Russ Wise, of LaPlace, says he joins other "old dudes" who "remember when nearly everything worth eating cost a nickel: soft drinks, ice cream cones, and most candy bars.

"Hershey bars were in break-apart squares so they could be shared (although I don't know anyone who ever did that).

"Mallow Cups, once a nickel, are now two for $1.20.

"They still have coupons you can send in for free ones if you collect enough. My wife claims she did that once."

Creative grooming

Harvey Pashibin, of Upper Lafayette, says, "I keep a liquid soap dispenser near the corner of my bathroom sink. Oftentimes, I’ll leave my toothpaste tube in the same location.

"Glad to report, on more than one occasion, both my left and right hands are protected from cavities and dull appearances."

Going vegetarian

Another remembrance of Charlie's Steak House, a New Orleans institution that marches to its own drummer:

Donna Simoneaux says, "Our group was so excited to indulge in a good meal at Charlie's.

"Arriving for our early reservation and hearing sizzling steaks served to neighboring tables, we proceeded to order — and were told, 'Sorry, we are out of steaks!'"

Population explosion 

Fred Grace, of Baton Rouge, says, "My mother, Mary Jane Grace, belonged to 'The Zipper Club' with seven other ladies.

"The mission of this club was to sew clothing and share stories.

"Between Feb. 17 and March 6, 1940, seven of these young ladies gave birth to baby boys, including two Leap Year babies.

"In order of birth, they were Bud Hochenedale, Terrell Brown, Fred Grace, Berlin Perkins, Ward Bond, Cap Caplinger and John Kean.

"In their early years, the 'Birthday Boys' would go from party to party on each one’s special day, and today the five surviving birthday boys remain friends.

"The only mystery still unsolved was what spectacular event occurred nine months earlier…"

Special People Dept.

— Anna Lee McAnelley Fronczek Strait, formerly of Westlake, currently living in Decatur, Texas, celebrates her 101st birthday Tuesday, Feb. 9.

— Geraldine Dennison, of Metairie, celebrates her 98th birthday Tuesday, Feb. 9.

— Jackie Rousseau Perret and Mike Perret, of Luling, celebrate 64 years of marriage Tuesday, Feb. 9.

— Roulden and Gerry Guillotte, of Franklin, celebrated their 60th anniversary Thursday, Feb. 4.

Baking secret

Charlie Anderson tells of the small-town bakery famous in that area for their turnovers — “The best you can get anywhere.”

He says, "One weekend we were visiting in that area and stopped to get a supply of turnovers for breakfast. We were there before opening time, so we decided to go to the back door.

"As we went down the alley, we passed a dumpster full of empty Pepperidge Farms frozen turnover packages."

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