A request for an LSU Tigers hand signal to use at games got a quick response:

  • Spike Barras says, "The 'L' hand sign would not work; we might be told to get the 'L' out of town!"
  • Alton Duke says, "The 'L' sign is inappropriate, since it could be misunderstood as 'Loser.'

"Since a tiger has a ferocious bite, I suggest an extended right fist with a biting motion. You could then keep holding a beer in the other hand."

  • Sandy Shahady says, "How’s about forming your hands like tiger claws, and then pawing the air — along with a mighty roar, of course!"
  • Susan Hendry Tureau says, "After the LSU-Texas game, there was a picture in the paper of Tiger players hugging each other after an LSU touchdown.

"In the picture you could see the palm of the gloved hand on one of the players, with an LSU 'Tiger eye' on the white glove. These gloves should be available for Tiger fans, who could wear them at games and raise their hands to show the 'Tiger eye' palms.

"An entire stadium of LSU fans wearing these gloves would be impressive!"

Susan adds this caveat: "The downside of fans wearing these gloves would be that they could cause fans to drop their beer when jumping up, and the beer could stain the white glove. (As the Tigers continually score throughout games, fans would be continually jumping up!)

"So my suggestion would be to wear only one glove, on the hand not holding your beer."

(I find it interesting that in the first four responses to the hand sign question, two mention the use of one hand to hold beer.) 

Dixie-Coors trade

Aubry Brice says, "This story contains two topics currently running in Smileyville.

"It is about a trip to Colorado by three 21-year-olds from Thibodaux, who went on a journey in a Volkswagen van to buy Coors beer. This was the late ’60s, and Coors could only be purchased in Colorado.

We slept in the crowded VW, and when we made it to Colorado we eagerly ran into the grocery store and loaded 10 cases in our cart.

"When the checkout lady asked, 'Where are you boys from?', we told her New Orleans, since it was more known.

"Then she bombs us with, 'And you came all the way here to get Curs (the way they say 'Coors' in Colorado) when you have Dixie beer? For every case of Dixie you bring me, I will give you two cases of Curs.' We were stunned!

"We all still laugh at the experience — and when we ran out of Coors we all switched to Dixie!"

Special People Dept.

  • Donald Landaiche, of Donaldsonville, a frequent column contributor, celebrates his 90th birthday Tuesday, Sept. 17. He plans to celebrate with chocolate cake and coffee.
  • Bernard and Dorothy Pentes celebrate their 69th anniversary Tuesday, Sept. 17.

Thought for the Day

From Marvin Borgmeyer: "Adam and Eve were the first people to NOT read the Apple terms and conditions!"

A moving comment

Elwyn Bocz, of Lutcher, sends me this note: "Smiley, about a year ago, I jokingly wrote to you about the powers-that-be giving you a retirement hint by putting the continuation of your column on Page 3B, when for years it was always placed on Page 2B. Well, I guess you noticed that it is now not a joking matter.

"They have now resorted to placing the continuation of your Monday column on Page 6B. You do realize that there isn’t any page after 6B. It’s the end of the road, old boy. In advance of what is going to happen, I, like many other people who worked for you by providing material for your column, would like to tell you that you had a good run while it lasted, and I hope you enjoy retirement."

(Elywn, I appreciate your concern, but it seems a bit premature. My move to 6B was a page layout decision, not a comment on my performance. I think.)

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