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I've found someone who fishes like I do.

T-Bob Taylor, of Panama City Beach, Florida, explains his fishing mindset:

"Stories of desperation to catch fish definitely amuse me. How many readers are like me, trying to find peaceful places to wet the bait but not particularly wanting to catch fish?

"I take the chair and a beverage and wait to not catch fish. The reality for me is that once I catch one, I feel I have to catch enough for supper."

T-Bob adds that actually catching fish is not all bad:

"It's still fun (and filling)."

Which reminds me …

I once went on an offshore fishing trip with a group of folks who could be divided into two categories: those, like me, who were along for the adventure, and those who were there strictly to bring home "meat."

I had never heard fishing described in this manner, which seemed to take a lot of fun out of the endeavor.

So while I was daydreaming as I watched the dolphins and seagulls, they were grimly working away at the job of catching fish, barely taking time for lunch.

The funny thing was, I caught about as many as they did — red snapper, amberjack, cobia, croaker, etc.

And when we got to the docks, the captain divided the catch among all of us, so they didn't get any more "meat" than anyone else.  

Sorry, Coach

K.P. Wilbert, of Baton Rouge, tells of a Port Allen Rotary Club meeting when he was a banker in that community:

"I arrived early, and met a man who asked me, 'Can you tell me if I'm speaking here today?'

"I said, 'Excuse me, but who are you?'

"'I'm Paul Mainieri, the new head coach for baseball at LSU.'

"'I am sorry, Coach, but Miss Julie from the museum is our speaker today.'"

"It was then I witnessed that steely glare usually given a pitcher who walked the first batter. He whipped out his phone, evidently called his scheduler, and found he was supposed to address the Baton Rouge Rotary Club.

"I wonder if this is why I was never picked to throw out the first pitch …" 

Mom misspeaks

Tim Palmer, of Lafayette, says when he and his mom decided to try a new restaurant, "we wanted to be sure they served wine, which we enjoy with our meals.

"Mom called, meaning to say 'Do you serve alcohol?'

"But she asked, 'Do you serve alcoholics?'"

Special People Dept.

— Josephine Schultz, of Walker, celebrates her 92nd birthday Saturday, June 12.

— Vernon Strickland, of Baton Rouge, celebrates his 90th birthday Friday, June 11.

— Audrey and Lloyd Schroeder, of Gonzales, formerly of Harahan, celebrate 75 years of marriage Friday, June 11.

— Conrad and Beverly Joffrion, of Plaquemine, celebrate their 60th anniversary Friday, June 11.

— Judy and Richard Weimer, of Thibodaux, celebrate their 57th anniversary Sunday, June 13.

— Henry and Jane Spengler, of Norco, celebrate their 50th anniversary Saturday, June 12. They are retired teachers from St. Charles Parish public schools.

Merci, Oncle

When Judy Weimer, of Thibodaux, wrote me about the 57th anniversary she and husband Richard celebrate Sunday, she included this little story about a soldier's luck:

"Before we were married, Richard graduated from LSU in architecture and commissioned as a second lieutenant in the Army.

"The big question was where would he be assigned for two years?

"Finally, the long-awaited envelope arrived. His orders were to report to the 553 Engineering Battalion in Orleans, France.

"Our wedding plans were quickly finalized. Thank you, Uncle Sam, for a two-year honeymoon in France and environs."

Rhyme crime

Frank Fronczek, of Baton Rouge, comments on the recent milestone of this column and recalls an event in the past marking another one:   

"42 years? WOW! It seems like only yesterday (it only seems like yesterday?) that we had the Smiley Roast at the Pastime to celebrate your first 30 years.

"Here's the limerick I wrote for that occasion:

"Though some find his humor quite sad,

Three decades, Ole Smiley we've had.

He might bend our ears

For thirty more years.

Let's roast him before he goes bad."

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