Wayne Weilbaecher, of Covington, tells this fish story:

"While my friends and I were on a fishing trip in the Gulf, they kept laughing at me because I was complaining so much about not catching a fish.

"All of a sudden my line went crazy and I finally got something. I pulled on board the biggest catfish I ever saw.

"It flipped over when I put my foot on it, and the poison stinger went through my tennis shoe and almost out the top of my foot. Worst pain in my life!

"While I was screaming, my friends huddled to decide how to pull out the stinger. I kept yelling, 'My brother is a doctor; get me to his house as fast as you can!'

"My brother examined my foot, poured peroxide over it, and told me to take an aspirin and rest. Wasn't that an old doctor joke? But he wasn't laughing.

"He said he was an orthopedic surgeon, and unless I broke my foot, take an aspirin and rest."

You want hot?

A Tabasco story from Marie Amelie Faure, of Covington:

"Before we moved back to Louisiana, I always kept a small bottle of Tabasco in my purse. Even though many restaurants where we lived stocked it, there were times when it wasn't available.

"While we were on a tour in Spain we stopped to eat at a very charming restaurant. However, the waiters did not speak English, and no one in our group spoke Spanish.

"I looked for my Tabasco but realized I didn't have it. My friends and I tried to explain what we wanted for quite a while, to no avail.

"All of a sudden our waiter's eyes lit up and he broke into a big smile.

"When our soup was served, a cereal-sized bowl of something red came with it. We weren't surprised that whatever it was was delicious and HOT! Even our group of 10 couldn't put a dent in it!"

Tabasco bowl

No, it's not a new college football game…

Lee Blotner, of Metairie, says, "While living in Knoxville, Tennessee, a restaurant had fried oysters on its menu, a rarity there.

"Since that's a favorite of mine, I decided to take a chance and order them. Actually, they looked pretty good, so I asked the waitress for some Tabasco sauce to go with them.

"After several minutes she presented me with a full bowl of sauce!

"After laughing and catching my breath, I advised her to handle that much Tabasco with delicate care, as it might burn the place down!

"It must have taken her a good while to get all of it out of the bottle using that tiny little hole. She probably didn't even understand why that hole was so tiny in the first place."

Biting wit

Jim Nichols, of Lafayette, says, "When my wife’s uncle, Gus 'June' Breaux, of Leonville, was a young Air Force officer, he served with a group of older enlisted airmen.

"They gave him so much grief about his age that he plotted an ingenious revenge.

"The older men slept with their dentures soaking in cups under their cots. One night June swapped all the cups. They never teased him again."

Special People Dept.

— B.L. and Sharon Smith Fairchild, of Denham Springs,  celebrate 66 years of marriage Monday, June 21.

— Betty and O.J. Dupuy, of Plaquemine, celebrated their 62nd anniversary Sunday, June 20.

— Gretchen and John B. Williams, of Baton Rouge, celebrated their 60th anniversary June 6.

— Charleen and Charles Precht, of Iota, celebrate their 57th anniversary Monday, June 21. 

— John and Cindy Hartgerink, of Baton Rouge, celebrate their 52nd anniversary Monday, June 21. They are both retired from ExxonMobil.

Forever young

Bertha Hinojosa asked her students at La Belle Aire Elementary in Baton Rouge to reveal their dream occupations.

After everyone responded, one little girl asked the teacher what she wanted to be when she grew up.

Bertha's husband, Mariano Hinojosa, who told me the story, commented, "I guess we never really 'grow up.' We encounter new opportunities during our life journey."

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