A while back we reported on a "camo wedding," where the wedding party (including the bride) was dressed in camouflage clothing, and decorations were around a hunting theme.

"Ben Zancudo, of the French Quarter" tells of a similar imaginative event — a Cajun lunch honoring a debutante, held in a shack on the Mississippi River batture, with two large cutouts of alligators flanking the entrance.

Ben says a society page article about the event in a local newspaper stated that partygoers dressed in "Cajun casual.”

He asks, "Isn’t this redundant? Is there such a thing as Cajun business or Cajun formal?"

I have no idea, Ben — but I assume "Cajun formal" involves shining your white rubber boots. …

Go to the cats

The always creative Rhetta Sellers offers this proposal:

"For those of you boycotting the Super Bowl, I have an alternative suggestion. Why not watch Hallmark's Kitten Bowl?

"The referees are totally biased, depending on how cute the kittens are, and the producers manipulate the passes to whichever kitten seems to be in an area to catch the football."

She says this seems a "purr-fact" job for side judge Gary "See No Evil" Cavaletto.  

Rhetta adds that the Kitten Bowl posting "would be the cat's meow (ouch!) for him."

Ouch, indeed!

Heavy lifting

Speaking of football, Alton Duke recalls this comment from Oscar Lofton when he was football coach at Southeastern:

"After losing another football game, Oscar said, 'I wish we could recruit two big linemen large enough to pack me off the field if we ever win a game.'”

Mistaken sign?

Still speaking of football, Marsha R. says, "I saw a sign that claimed Raising Cane's is the official chicken of the New Orleans Saints.

"I thought that was Roger Goodell."

Texas dining

Joseph W. Berey says, "My wife and I had the pleasure of staying with our four grandchildren in Katy, Texas, while our daughter and her husband took a well-deserved vacation.

"We took this opportunity to treat the grandchildren to the wood-fired pizza at a nearby Italian grill.

"While waiting for the pizza, the waitress delivered some garlic bread to the table for us to munch on.

"One of our twin granddaughters looked up at the waitress and asked, 'Where are the chips and salsa?'

"What a sheltered life they live in Texas. …"

Lids off!

Craig M. Bennett, of Morgan City, says our hat stories remind him of an article he read years ago "about a media interview that was going to be done with Arnold Palmer at his golf club in Pennsylvania.

"As everyone was pouring into the larger ballroom to do the interview, Arnold looked around the room and said, 'I don’t think we’re going to start any kind of interview until all these hats are off.' What a gentleman."

Special People Dept.

  • Sister Angela Bergeron, of Our Lady of Wisdom Health Center in New Orleans, celebrated her 104th birthday Saturday, Jan. 26, with Cajun food and music.
  • Jimmy Manuel, of Morgan City, celebrates his 100th birthday Tuesday, Jan. 29.
  • Stella Bourgeois, of Paulina, celebrates her 92nd birthday Tuesday, Jan. 29.
  • Dorothy "Dot" Smith, of Grace Health and Rehab Center in Slaughter, celebrated her 90th birthday Thursday, Jan. 24.

Simpler time

Faye Hoffman Talbot, of Clinton, says, "While shopping, I overheard a conversation between a couple looking at toys.

"The lady was amazed at all the interactive toys. The man said, 'When I was a boy, we had a bike and a ditch.'

"Growing up in the '50s in north Baton Rouge, we all had a bike, but we weren't allowed to play in a ditch for fear we would get polio.

"One of our favorite games was 'kick the can.' All you needed was your friends and a can, and you were entertained for hours. Those days were simple, fun and safe."

Can we forgive?

Tim Palmer, of Lafayette, says, "I thought it was interesting that at the bottom of the 'Commentary' page in the Monday Advocate, which has Walt Handelsman’s caption contest about the 'Blown Call!,' was G.E. Dean’s scripture quote about forgiveness."

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