Walt Handelsman: RIP Fats Domino

Jim Chapman has this memory of the professionalism of the late Fats Domino:

"I'll never forget the time in the early 1960s when I was assigned to work the Shreveport Municipal Auditorium during a show featuring Fats.

"I watched backstage as the opening acts required precise placement of their instrument stands, etc., much to the consternation of the stagehands.

"When it came time for Fats, he was asked where did he want his piano to be placed.

"Fats said, 'It don't matter, fellows; just roll it on the stage somewhere,' which they did.

"Fats sat down where the piano stopped and played and sang for the next 90 minutes.

"I think the term 'class act' was created to describe the likes of Fats Domino."

All Fats Day

Rob Payer, aka "The Third Blues Brother," tells us the Baton Rouge radio stations (WBRH, 90.3 FM and KBRH, 1260 AM, plus online at WBRH.Org) will be "airing four solid hours of music by Fats Domino, one of the true architects of rock and roll, on Saturday morning, Oct. 28."

Have a ball

As you might imagine, I've been receiving quite a few suggestions regarding my busted shoulder that resulted from a fall out of bed. I appreciate them, even though none are especially helpful.

My buddy Dudley Lehew, of Marrero, says, "While Faye Hoffman Talbot's suggestion of using a wall on one side and chairs on the other side to prevent your new hobby of tumbling out of bed and breaking your shoulder to gain a little loving attention from Lady K, I have a more advantageous solution:

"Surround your bed with balls from a McDonald's play station, and then when you fall out of bed again, you won't break your shoulder.

"And, who knows, Lady K might jump in there with you and…"

(Watch it, Dudley, this is a family newspaper!)

Novel idea indeed!

Marvin Borgmeyer offers this suggestion regarding my Major Injury:

"So sorry to hear about your accident. I am especially sorry for your wife — I cannot imagine what she is going through trying to nurse you back to health.

"In the meantime, maybe you could ask some of your readers to help you 'shoulder' some of the burden of writing your award-winning column every day.

"I am sure they could pick up the slack until you get better. I could imagine they might do so well, you could continue to use them to help write your column, even when you are better! What a novel idea!"

(Marvin, you think they would really do that?) 

Special People Dept.

  • Louise D. Touchton, of St. James Place in Baton Rouge, celebrates her 100th birthday on Sunday, Oct. 29. She is a former resident of Lafayette and a retired librarian. Her friends and family are honoring her by donating 100 books to the Bernard Terrace Elementary School library.
  • Lena Montagnino Martello celebrated her 97th birthday on Thursday, Oct. 26.
  • Aubrey and Carolyn LaPorte Guitreau, of Prairieville, celebrate their 60th anniversary on Friday, Oct. 27.
  • Billy and Susan Fulham, of Kenner, celebrate their 50th anniversary on Saturday, Oct. 28.
  • Nell and Casper Roy celebrate their 50th anniversary on Saturday, Oct. 28.

Matter of priorities

After a reader told of being in the restroom at Tiger Stadium on Halloween, 1959, and missing Billy Cannon's legendary punt return against Ole Miss, I heard from Dr. Walter H. Daniels, of Morgan City.

He was an intern in Shreveport when he and his wife came to Baton Rouge for the game:

"In the adjoining seat was a young lady I had known as an undergrad.

"When Billy Cannon broke through on his famous run, the world went nuts. As he crossed the goal line, I noticed the young lady sitting quietly, hands folded and this woebegone look on her face.

"Being a doctor, I told my wife, 'Ask her if anything is wrong; she looks ill.'"

His wife checked, and told him (and I'm putting this as delicately as I possibly can) the young lady had stayed to watch the run rather than making a needed restroom visit.

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