Bo Bienvenu, of Prairieville, says, "I think we can measure our aging process by our junk mail.

"I have progressed from AARP through retirement seminars, Medicare, senior living, estate preservation, hearing aids, assisted living, and long term care to my latest category — funeral home services.

"Because I haven’t heard of any earthly companies offering resurrection services or after-life cruises, I believe I have reached the chronological top of the junk mail pile."

Bo, I can't believe you aren't getting flyers about "mobility scooters" for seniors.

Mine has racing stripes…

Thanks, Hoppy

Harriet St. Amant, of Baton Rouge, says our mention of TV western star Hopalong Cassidy "reminded me of this long-ago memory.

"In the mid-20th century, when we lived in New York City, I was 7 when Daddy bought a 17-inch Zenith black-and-white TV (Hoppy's show was a major attraction).

"We were driving on the West Side Highway when Hoppy himself appeared, in the back seat of a car next to ours.

"I hollered, 'Hoppy, Daddy! Hoppy's in that car!'

"We waved and he waved back, then turned and gestured to another man in the car. The man rolled down his window, gestured to Daddy to do the same, then handed him two autographed pictures, one for me and one for my sister — passed across empty space at about 40 mph."

Creative viewing

Speaking of TV, Tony Falterman, of Napoleonville, tells this love story of two TV-watchers:  

"A dear friend, a few years older than me, has lost a great deal of his hearing. His wife had a pituitary problem, and as a result of surgery is almost totally blind.

"They watch a movie every night on TV. He tells her what action is going on, and she tells him what the characters are saying!

"They have closed captioning, but he often doesn’t know how to pronounce a word on the screen. However, he will spell it for her and she tells him what it means.

"Now that’s a real dynamic duo!"

Strong stuff

Tousa Davis, of New Orleans, says this about our series on Louisiana coffee:

"I have been waiting for someone to mention Luzianne coffee, the prominent brand many years ago.

"I still remember the ads at the neighborhood 'picture show,' where everyone would join in the slogan, 'Be coffee wise, not coupon foolish.'

"It came in a can, and back then most people made drip coffee, which was very strong.

"My family always preferred pure coffee, but many added chicory, which stretched the coffee and gave it a stronger, slightly bitter flavor."

Special People Dept.

  • Margery Leonard celebrates her 97th birthday Tuesday, May 14.
  • Russell Gremillion, of Ollie Steele Burden Manor in Baton Rouge, celebrated his 90th birthday Monday, May 13. He is a retired educator.

Nice People Dept.

Patrician Brown says, "During the torrential rains of last week, I was caught trying to leave the Baton Rouge Costco. I checked my radar app and saw that the storm was predicted to last awhile.

"As customers came out, a few ran to their cars with their purchases; but many, like me, just waited in frustration.

"Another waiting customer took pity on me, as I am of a certain age and my hair has turned white. She was there with her son, a quiet young man; he wore a St. Lillian  Academy shirt.

"She explained that as she only had purchased one item, a box of brownie mix for her son’s 18th birthday the next day, they would be more than happy to walk with me to my car and load my purchases.

"I thought to myself how much this mother was teaching her son about being a good citizen, compassion, and helpfulness.

"I gratefully accepted the offer. Hats off to this wonderful mother and son!"

Happy shoppers

Regarding our Louisiana coffee series, Keith Horcasitas recalls the CDM coffee and chicory his family enjoyed while "making groceries" at the Schwegmann's on Airline and Labarre every Saturday.

When my parents lived in Kenner, Dixie beer was their beverage of choice while making groceries at Schwegmann's. Ah, New Orleans traditions… 

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