Grace Kleinpeter Savoie says, "My dad is Dr. Larry Kleinpeter (fondly known as Doc), a well-known pediatrician who retired from Baton Rouge Clinic in 1995.

"My sister, Lane Roberts, brought him to get his COVID vaccinations. They waited for the required 15 minutes after each shot.

"After the second shot, when they were leaving the parking lot, he said, 'Wait, I think I’m having a reaction.'

"My sister hit the brakes. He smiled and said, 'The reaction is euphoria.'"

Planning ahead

Speaking of vaccinations, Enid Bardes, of Metairie, says, "I had my second Pfizer vaccine Feb. 5. I feel like I am 'born again.'

"I am celebrating my 90th birthday Feb. 25. Actually, I will be 89; but with all the COVID mutants floating around I decided not to take any chances.

"Now I will be able to say I lived to my 90s."

Cold, not COVID

RDW says, "Due to COVID confusion, when I read The Advocate's headline on Monday, Feb. 15: 'Temperatures expected to hit teens,' my first thought was 'So sorry for them, but at least us old fogies are immune from SOMETHING!'"

Cajun ingenuity

Linda H. Whitman, of Denham Springs, says, "My niece and nephew north of Dallas had a new use for their crawfish boiler during the freeze and snow.

"They melted snow in it to flush their toilets. Only someone from south Louisiana would come up with this solution!"

Poverty dinner

Dee Mather-Muenzler says, "In 1975, our family relocated to Baton Rouge from New Orleans. Two neighboring families were Northerners, also newcomers.

"One evening I invited one of the families over for a dinner of red beans and rice, plus fried pork chops.

"I later heard they felt sorry for us, as all we could afford to feed them was red beans and rice.

"Even though they have moved on, to Texas and Ohio, we remain friends, and they now serve red beans and rice to their friends."

Bashing the Boys 

Terry Grundmann, of Kenner, provides the last word on the Super Bowl, won by Tampa Bay on its home field:

"The NFL just announced all future Super Bowls will be held in Dallas. They wanted to make sure no team got home field advantage."

Special People Dept.

  • Dorothy "Dot" Hebert, of Lafayette, formerly of Duson, celebrates her 98th birthday Thursday, Feb. 25.
  • Charles and Mary Hulbert, of Baton Rouge, celebrated their 62nd anniversary Sunday, Feb. 21.
  • James B. "J.B." and Lyndia Williams, of Baton Rouge, celebrated their 50th anniversary Feb. 13.

Who am Sam?

Seems my neighbors in Baton Rouge's Spanish Town neighborhood have come across a strange artifact.

Matt Isch says, "June Peay and I could use help from you and your readers with a Capitol Park mystery.

"There's a concrete slab on the grounds of the Old Arsenal Museum that reads 'SAM.' It looks like a tombstone, and can be seen on State Capitol Drive between North 5th and North 6th streets.

"Does anybody know who or what SAM might be? Is he (or she) a beloved pet or canine officer? Is former governor Sam Jones secretly buried there? Is there a Surface to Air Missile 40 feet below? Is Spanish Town being claimed by Serbia and Montenegro? Help!"

Matt, it seems you people are celebrating Spanish Town Mardi Gras a bit too long…

Mardi Gras East

Despondent over the loss of Mardi Gras, I was conflicted over a place to go for a family vacation that would not remind me of the holiday (I hear Cancun is nice this time of year).

In the end I chose to drive east, hoping to escape reminders of the Carnival celebration.

But when we settled in on Pensacola Beach, we found on Mardi Gras morning that the nearest beach bar was having a crawfish boil as a Cajun band cranked out chank-a-chank tunes. All the servers and most of the customers were dressed in purple, gold, and green, and drinks appropriate to the event were being consumed with gusto.

It wasn't New Orleans, or even Mamou, but it was a rocking good time. 

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