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Here's a "people helping people" story proving that Ernie Gremillion knows who to pick to ask for help:

Ernie, of Baton Rouge, says, "One evening I had ordered some fried catfish fillets from a local grocery store that had a deli.

"Since I have pending surgery for a hip replacement, I have to use a walker. This is only for short distances, so I have to use a riding cart in a store.

"When I arrived at the store I asked a muscular young man about to enter the store if he could bring out a riding cart to me.

"I watched as the guy struggled to activate the cart. I think he had not unplugged it, and it will not activate plugged in.

"After a brief time of not being able to get it to roll under its own power, unbelievably I saw him pick up the cart and carry it out to me. This would have been a great video!"

The littlest lyricist

Cathy Heckman says, "When my younger brother, now deceased, was little, a popular song was 'The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance.' He would sing 'Lamb Chop Liberty Valance!' (At the time Shari Lewis and her hand puppet Lamb Chop were a popular kids' TV program.)

"When he was 2 or 3, once at church while we sang the hymn he sang the only song he knew, The Mickey Mouse Club TV theme song! And he sang it loudly too!"

War and peace

The Wednesday story about German prisoners of war in Louisiana reminded me of this:

My Uncle Gus (Prospero Louis DeMarco) told me that when his B-17 bomber was shot down over Germany during World War II, he spent some time in a POW camp for mostly American and British officers.

He said one of the German officers used to tell him how much he liked Americans, and how he planned to move to the U.S. after the war. He had been a car dealer before the conflict, and hoped to sell cars over here.

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Uncle Gus said when Volkswagens showed up on these shores, "every time I drove past one of their dealerships I wondered if that guy was in there."

He also indicated there was not likely to be a Beetle in his future …        

It's bugged! 

Barry Dufour, of Carencro, says mention of cricket infestation "reminded me of our trip to Gatlinburg, Tennessee. One early November my two brothers, my nephew and our wives rented a cabin on a mountain. The views were beautiful and the weather chilly.

"Ladybugs were everywhere, especially in tubs and showers. We were advised we could not kill them. Before anyone would shower or bathe we had to carefully remove them with the vacuum cleaner, bring them outside and let them go. It worked well, and hopefully none were injured."

But they were not happy.

Special People Dept.

  • Louise D. Touchton, of St. James Place in Baton Rouge, celebrates her 104th birthday Friday, Oct. 29.
  • Nelson Arceneaux, of Crowley, celebrates his 100th birthday Saturday, Oct. 30. He is a World II veteran. Nelson says he has "accomplished everything I set out to do, because everything else is illegal."
  • Julia Bradford Moore, of Baton Rouge, celebrates her 96th birthday Saturday, Oct. 30.
  • Janice Reulet Daigle, of Reserve, celebrates her 92nd birthday Saturday, Oct. 30. She worked over 25 years as a tour guide at San Francisco Plantation. Her favorite tours were those she gave in French to visitors from France.
  • Nita Hebert, of Milton, celebrates her 90th birthday Sunday, Oct. 31. She is the wife of Paul Hebert.
  • Anthony and Diane Colletti, of Kenner, celebrate their 67h anniversary Saturday, Oct. 30. Anthony is an Army veteran of the Korean War.

Too-early blues

Here's a timely math question:

If you buy your Halloween trick-or-treat candy the morning of Friday, Oct. 29, how many times will you need to go back to the store to get more candy before the evening of Sunday, Oct. 31?

So far it appears the answer is "three." Or perhaps "four."   

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