Henry Bradsher, of Baton Rouge, says stories of the scenic drive on La. 82 along Pecan Island bring back painful memories:

"When I was on home leave from journalism in India in June 1962, I visited a hunting camp in the marsh with Neil Nehrbass (later architect of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Cajundome), his wife Janet and artist Elemore Morgan Jr.

"One morning we went by boat to Pecan Island, which then really was an island.

"Neil let Janet, Elemore and me off on one end for a supposedly 'scenic' walk of its length, past an abandoned house — some mile and a half or more on a dirt road under heavy trees. Neil took the boat around to meet us at the other end.

"We had come prepared with mosquito nets and repellent. They offered little protection from swarms of mosquitoes that blackened the shaded road.

"Unable to contact Neil and turn back, we were quickly eaten head to socks as we trudged along the uninhabited island."

Something missing

Tony Falterman, of Napoleonville, says when he was sheriff of Assumption Parish, he had this conversation with a Wildlife and Fisheries agent after he shot a 12-foot-long alligator found under a raised house.

Agent: "Why did you kill the alligator?"

Sheriff: “It was eating the homeowner's chickens.”

Agent: “I don’t see any chickens."

Sheriff: “I just told you. …"

Where's Jackson?

Discussing West Feliciana geography in the Wednesday column, Z. David Deloach referred to those who "live on the other side the creek."

I assumed he meant Thompson Creek, and Vickie Riggle appears to confirm that:

"Those of us who live on 'the other side of the creek' know way more than those St. Francisville folks about trying to tell people where we live.

“ ‘No, not Mississippi; smack dab in the middle between St. Francisville and Clinton' is my go-to answer.

"For some reason, people know where those two towns are but rarely know where Jackson is.

"Unless they are familiar with us for having the oldest and largest mental health facility in Louisiana, or attend the annual Jackson Assembly Antique Show, they tend to give a completely blank stare when told, 'I live in Jackson, Louisiana.’ ”

Picture that

The Advocate's photographers are so skilled we may take their accomplishments for granted. 

While they've captured some significant moments in our history, every day they show people in our communities, some of them our neighbors, just having fun going about their daily lives.

Kevin Nee, retired physical education teacher in the East Baton Rouge school system, comments on a Wednesday photo by Travis Spradling on Page 1B. Travis caught a joyous Zayn Chapoy, 11, and his mother, Judy Chapoy, wearing ponchos while riding their bikes in the rain:

"Concerning the picture on the front page of the Metro section: Zayn Chapoy, you rock! Judy Chapoy, awesome job of parenting. Most parents don’t get out and ride bikes with their children, much less in the rain! Ride on."

Special People Dept.

  • Leon Dixon Sr., of New Roads, celebrated his 102nd birthday Saturday, July 25, with a drive-by party. He is a World War II veteran.
  • Emily Manuel, of Algiers, celebrates her 99th birthday Saturday, Aug. 1. She says she's looking forward to her big 100th birthday bash next year.
  • Muriel MacHauer, of New Orleans, celebrates her 96th birthday Sunday, Aug. 2. Her book, "Lakeview Memories," written in 2015, is available on Amazon and at the Rockery Inn on Canal Boulevard. 
  • Lucille Hendrix, of Lafayette, celebrates her 90th birthday Saturday, Aug. 1, at a party with her Sunday school class from Covenant United Methodist Church.
  • Cindy and John Logreco, of Metairie, celebrate their 55th anniversary Friday, July 31.
  • Doug and Pat Guillot, of Plattenville, celebrate their 50th anniversary Saturday, Aug. 1.

Say what?

Donald Landaiche, of Donaldsonville, says, "When I read Ron Stewart's article about his grandma's saying 'Cuties Biddy Shop' instead of 'Kitty's Beauty Shop,' it reminded me of my sister.

"She really liked 'Sampbell's Nicken Choodle Coup,' (Campbell's Chicken Noodle Soup), but her favorite was 'Sheauty Bop' (Beauty Shop)." 

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