Mike Montagnino, of Greenwell Springs, realizes you can hold a grudge only for so long.

He's looking for "the classmate from the late '50s at Brookstown Elementary in Baton Rouge."

Mike reminds his classmate, "You talked me into walking way out of my way home from school to meet Roy Rogers. You convinced me he was at your house on East Brookstown Drive.

"When we arrived, I should've known. You told me to wait outside. You went inside, then came back out and told me your mom said Roy had just left."

Mike asks me, "If this scoundrel is still out there, please have him write in."

And he tells him, "I'll forgive you for making a fool out of me."

The big squeeze

Z David Deloach says this about the May 8 death of Jim Fowler, host of "Wild Kingdom," the TV nature show:

"Jim started out as sidekick to Marlin Perkins, the adventurer who always seemed to keep a safe distance from danger.

"My favorite episode had them catching anacondas in the Amazon, where Jim was all wrapped up with a giant snake squeezing the bejeezus out of him as Marlin safely narrates from a distance: 'Watch out, Jim, he’s got you!'

"I would like to have heard Jim’s thinking at that moment."

Looking ahead

Ray Schell, of Prairieville, adds a couple of guesses on the subject of "What things were like, what they are like now, and what they might be like in 10 to 20 years.

"In the '50s I used a slide rule for calculations, today I use a calculator on my phone, and in 10 years I'll probably just have a card and ask, 'Siri, what is the square root of 256?' and she'll say '16.'

"In the '50s we had one family phone on the kitchen wall, today everyone has their cell phone, and in 10 years I'll probably just address the phone card and say, 'Call Shirley Schell; where are you?'"

Special People Dept.

  • Eula Mae Robinson, of Norwood, celebrates her 98th birthday Saturday, May 18.
  • Herman “Tip” Torres, of Donaldsonville, celebrates his 97th birthday Saturday, May 18.
  • Bill Shaffer celebrates his 95th birthday Saturday, May 18.
  • Felix “Tut” and Margaret Sagona celebrate their 75th anniversary Friday, May 17. Longtime residents of Baton Rouge, they recently moved to Sugarland, Texas.
  • Buck and Mitzi Grantham, of Denham Springs, celebrate their 69th anniversary Friday, May 17.
  • Eddie and Beverly Mayard, of Prairieville, celebrated their 63rd anniversary Sunday, May 12. 

Habit forming

We started our discussion of Louisiana coffee back when Donna Saurage asked for stories about Community Coffee to mark the 100th anniversary of the Baton Rouge brand.

Since then the stories have gone on to involve other brands from New Orleans, Lafayette, etc.

Marilyn Hammond, of Baton Rouge, returns us to tales about the coffee that started it all:

"When I was newly wed, my husband brought me a cup of Community Coffee dark roast every morning while I was getting dressed for work.

"He did not know that I had always had my first cup of coffee at work.

"At first I never tasted it; then I started having a sip or two, since it smelled so good.

"And then, a few weeks later, I started wondering 'What's taking him so long to bring my coffee?'"

Changing sides

"Zancudo from the French Quarter" says, "My neighborhood movie theater was the Coliseum in the Lower Garden District of New Orleans.

"My favorite type of movie was the 'Wagon Train Western.' They all had the same storyline: covered wagons always attacked by Indians; wagons drawn into a circle; Indians riding around shooting and hollering; the U.S Cavalry riding to the rescue, bugles blaring, flags flying, driving off the Indians.

"At the appearance of the cavalry, the kids in the theater would all jump to their feet cheering.

"A few years ago I had my DNA tested and discovered I was 30 percent Native American — and now realize I had been cheering for the wrong side all those many years ago."

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