After the festivities of Monday night (and Tuesday morning, if you celebrated properly), it might be time for a little sober reflection.

The LSU football team richly deserves all the accolades it's receiving. But, as this newspaper has pointed out, the university itself is suffering from years of budget-cutting by the state.

Back in 1958, when I was an LSU student, the Tigers also won the national crown. After that memorable season, I wrote an editorial for the Daily Reveille, headlined "Also a school."

In it I reminded those rejoicing over the triumphs of the team that LSU had an educational mission and deserved more support from state government.

Amid all the joy of another championship season, I find it discouraging that this message from so long ago still needs to be repeated.  

Hamming it up

Like me, Bo Bienvenu stayed up to watch Coach O being interviewed by Scott Van Pelt, ESPN's late-night guy (who, by the way, delivered an eloquent appreciation of the Tigers' coach after the interview).

Says Bo: "Of all the 'firsts' associated with this year’s LSU football team, I feel sure it is the first time a head coach responded to a question about how he planned to celebrate the victory by saying, 'I’ll probably go get a ham sandwich or some boudin.'

"You just can’t help but love Cajuns."

Alexa the Comedian

Mike Shook, of Metairie, says, "I asked Alexa to tell me a tiger joke. She said, 'A tiger walked into a bar. The bartender ran out the back door.'"

Well, maybe Siri could do better...

That Rascal!

One more "my dog, the thief" story:

Karen Root, of Slidell, says, "My son-in-law, Glenn Matherne, of Baton Rouge, had a sweet Australian Shepherd named Rascal that had belonged to his dad, 'Coach' Glenn Matherne, of Livonia.

"At home in Livonia, Rascal saw that Coach Matherne needed his paper retrieved from the driveway, and brought it closer to the house.

"Rascal was so happy with his master’s reaction that he collected papers from all over the neighborhood and brought them to the Matherne’s house. So Coach Matherne spent part of the morning returning the papers to his neighbors.

"Rascal continued his mission by collecting other items from the neighborhood and bringing them to the house. It got to be too much when he retrieved a neighbor’s sheets from the clothesline. Hence Rascal’s transfer to Baton Rouge to live with my daughter and son-in-law."

Borden's mystery 

Shooter Mullins says, "After seeing several mentions of the soda fountain at the Borden's ice cream store on Florida Boulevard in Baton Rouge, I am recalling three or four visits I made during the period 1956-58.

"The setup was minimal at that time and was located in the lobby, just a few feet from the receptionist's desk.

"When I told the lady why I was there, she smiled, got up from her desk, and was glad to fix me a shake or a cone — all the while dressed in a neat business suit and high heels.

"I never saw any other ice cream customers in the place while I was there. Also, I am thinking there was never a charge.

"Could there be any old-timers among your readers who might recall who that kind lady was? I have thought many times of those mysterious encounters."

Special People Dept.

  • Jennie Hood, of Denham Springs, celebrates her 98th birthday Thursday, Jan. 16.
  • Dutch Prager celebrated his 95th birthday Tuesday, Jan. 14. He is a World War II veteran, and was in the submarine service aboard the USS Kingfish.
  • John Benjamin Landry, of Baton Rouge, celebrates his 95th birthday Thursday, Jan. 16. He is a native of Garyville.
  • Patricia and Floyd Kimble, of Central, celebrate their 60th anniversary Thursday, Jan. 16. She's from Sandwich, Massachusetts; he's from Simmesport.

Equal time?

Marvin Borgmeyer, of Baton Rouge, asks, "How can a person who is married to a lady who loves cats get away with running so many dog stories?"

Don't worry, Marvin; I'm sure she's collecting "cute cat" stories… 

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