Here's an "Only in Louisiana" story from Kelsey Vince Anders, of Zachary, about a conversation with daughters Natalie and Heidi. (Full disclosure: they're my great-grandchildren.):

"We're watching the previews for 'Little Mermaid' and 'Dumbo' comes on.

"Heidi says, 'Look! It's Dungo!'

"Older sister Natalie says, 'No, it's Jumbo!'

"In a matter-of-fact way, Heidi says, 'Oh yeah, that's right…' Then, as the scene closes, Heidi says, 'Gumbo! I want to get that at the library!'

"I say, 'It's actually Dumbo. D-D-Dumbo.'

"Heidi proceeds with, 'D-D-Gumbo.'"   

Arresting story

Chuck Falcon, of Donaldsonville, says, "The stories of unlocking the wrong car remind me of what happened to my friend Cy Tortorich.

"A few years back, being in the wrecker business, he received a call from a customer saying that his car had broken down and it was at a convenience store in LaPlace.

"Having the year, make, model, and color of the car along with the keys, he drove to LaPlace to retrieve the car.

"Arriving at the address, he unlocked and loaded the car on his wrecker. When he arrived back in Donaldsonville the police were waiting to arrest him for theft of the car.

"Unknown to Cy, the clerk at the store had the identical car. The key for his customer's car was able to unlock the clerk's car."

Wrong car II

T-Bob Taylor, of Tyler, Texas, says, "Here is another 'strange car' matter for you.

"Several years ago I had business at Baylor Hospital in Dallas. Several friends and I parked in their tall, adjacent garage.

"After my visit we exited an elevator several floors below my Ford car. Without thinking, I tapped the key remote. A different car sounded on that floor.

"I thought all remotes were unique!"

They're everywhere!

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Robert Cabes, of Lafayette, tells of hearing from "companies that say they can assist us old folks to get much more money from Medicare."

They've been all over TV, and now are making similar pitches over phones:

"So an unnamed party has been calling me (and maybe you) from multiple phones. I have a system to bar access from the caller number. Apparently these folks know that system, so they use more numbers.

"At this point, I have received the following calls labelled 'Medicare Assist' from the following towns in Louisiana: Venice, St. Joseph, Metairie, Plain Dealing, Belcher, Homer, and this morning from Belle Chasse.

"I have to admit I do not know where Belcher is! I am concerned that we have 64 parishes, and lots of phone numbers in each!"

(Robert, Belcher is in Caddo Parish, and the latest population figure I have is 482 — including at least a few folks offering you Medicare assistance. And while I have your attention, I'd like to talk to you about an extended warranty on your car…) 

Special People Dept.

— Lucy LeBlanc Kadair, of Baton Rouge, celebrates her 100th birthday Monday, Jan. 10. A native of Algiers, she moved to Baton Rouge 80 years ago when she married George A. Kadair Sr.

— Evelyn C Brown, of Baton Rouge, celebrated her 97th birthday Sunday, Jan. 9.

— Leatrice Lambert, of French Settlement, celebrates her 94th birthday Monday, Jan. 10.

— James F. Elliott lll and Shirley A. Elliott, of New Orleans, celebrated their 59th anniversary Dec. 29.

— Bobby and Candy Tamplet Watts, of Watson, celebrated 56 years of marriage Saturday, Jan. 8. They were high school sweethearts at Baton Rouge High.

— Roland and Paula Newell, of Mandeville, celebrated their 50th anniversary Dec. 27.

Too smart

Rick Marshall, of Baton Rouge, pens this lament:

"Technology is a modern marvel, but it seems the more 'smart' devices that we use to perform basic tasks the dumber we get.

"Who hasn't sent a text message to find 'spell correct' has decided what we really meant? Can we read a map or find a radio station without Alexa? Ever been to a store or a restaurant when the internet is down? Kids submit their homework online, and banks are closing branches and becoming websites.

"Call me a dinosaur, but please don't make me extinct yet."

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