Early Friday morning, I was driving to Baton Rouge Clinic to deal with a health care issue and had my car radio on KBRH during its "All Blues Friday" broadcast.

During the relatively short drive, I heard Luther Kent wailing about being born under a bad sign, Lightnin' Hopkins moaning about how a woman did "Po' Lightnin'" wrong and a couple of other singers telling of lost loves and hard times.

It was a routine visit, but by the time I got to the clinic, I had the blues so bad I felt like telling them to check me into a hospital — preferably St. James Infirmary. …  

Fun with headlines

Roger Waggoner, of Lafayette, says he enjoyed Wednesday's item about classic headlines because since 1990 or so, he's been collecting "headlines, fliers and photos of commercial signs" that make you go, "What?"

Here are some favorites: 

"Judge orders DWF to crack down on pen-reared wild turkey owners"

"Scrablle tournament planned at Holidome"

"814 million people illeterate

"Chicken blood drive planned for Thursday"

"Body discovered in burial ground"

"Students allowed to read book"

"Head lice need medical attention"

No rocket scientists

Cliff Johnson offers this comment:

"I think Congressman Abraham might be on to something with his idea to base Trump’s 'Space Force' in Louisiana.

"All the government has to do is turn to our state Legislature, and they will find all the space cadets they need."

Antwerp connection

Don Garland's "small world" story:

"A few years ago, on a Saturday, I went to the Antwerp, Belgium, Hilton business lounge for breakfast.

"Not many people are there on weekends, but one lady was in already.

"A young girl came in wearing an LSU sweatshirt. I told her I was from Baton Rouge, and she said her dad was visiting the Antwerp refinery and she was tagging along.

"The lady said, 'Well, I am from West Monroe.' I asked if she knew my friend Jay Mitchell. She said yes; she was a school teacher, and Jay defended her when she was involved in a classroom lawsuit.

"I told her I grew up in Start. She said her dad pastored a church in Start.

"Then another lady walked in who worked at the U.S. consulate office. She was a foreigner — from Biloxi."

Food from home

Jean Weeks Tally, of Edwards, Colorado, was in LSU's School of Journalism (now the Manship School of Mass Communications) around my time there. She says the Wednesday item on newspaper headlines from our classmate Leroy Colter led her to share this story:

"Our family owns hotels in Colorado, and our Wine Country Inn sponsors an annual event to benefit a local organization that helps uninsured and underinsured patients in Mesa County.

"This year, we’re highlighting Creole cuisine from iconic New Orleans restaurants, paired with Colorado wines. Our chef knocked it outta the park — thought I’d died and gone to New Orleans.

"It’s a great opportunity to educate people about the nuances of Louisiana food and culture. We are even using Community Coffee for cafe au lait to finish our VIP luncheon."

Nice People Dept.

Ken Joffrion, of Clinton, says, "On Friday, my wife, Brenda, and I ate breakfast at Sharon's Kitchen on Plank Road.

"When I went to pay our tab, we were told it had been paid. We do not know who did it but would like to thank them through your column. We will pay it forward; made our day."

Grave matter

After a Saturday letter saying a TV show was wrong to show a gravedigger with a flat-edged shovel, we heard from another reader with this explanation:

"The hole for a grave is a 3 feet wide, 6 feet deep rectangle.

"The flat-edged shovel was used to finish the hole — to shave the sides, ends and corners of the grave. Rounded shovels don't work for the finished product."

Oh, the things you learn here.

Original music

Becky Collins, of New Iberia, says, "Yesterday, the wind chimes outside our window woke me, and this haiku came into my head:

"Wind chimes play new songs

"As the breeze softly whispers

"Melodies heard once"

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