J.B. Castagnos, of Donaldsonville, tells a story that illustrates why the global positioning satellite (GPS) for cars was such a good idea:

"I was at a party recently and someone mentioned following a limousine. It made me think of the time my wife and I attended a wedding at a chapel on the LSU campus.

"We got in the car to go to the reception across town, and realized we hadn't brought the invitation with the address and directions.

"My wife said, 'Follow that limousine; he's going there.'

"Sounded like a good plan to me, so I stuck behind him — no cameras on the signals then, so no problem with yellow caution lights.

"I thought we were getting close when the limo turned in to a 'quick-lube' place for an oil change.

"A phone call home got us the directions."

It's a guy thing

Richard Orgeron, of Lafayette, says, "I believe the end of Sunday afternoon rides started when television became more accessible, along with professional football games being televised.

"However, back in the 1950s my older brother and I would sometimes go on a Sunday afternoon ride with our grandparents.

"They had a beautiful Packard sedan that my brother would drive. Mamou would ride in the front seat with Daddy Joe and me in the back seat.

"When driving in the country we would sometimes come upon a herd of cattle, and when we passed by a bull grazing my grandfather would tip his hat to the bull.

"This puzzled me, and when asked why he would do that he would say that it was out of respect.

"That sounded strange to me at the time, but later in life I understood what he meant."

Fair warning

Speaking of car trips, Vallan Corbett says, "Back in the day when all businesses were closed on Sunday, my husband’s uncle, Roy Stewart Jr., was returning from LSU after dropping off his big sister.

"With his father driving and mother in the front seat, they passed a gas station that was open and advertising root beer for sale.

"When he asked if he could get a root beer, his mother’s response was, 'If you want to desecrate the Sabbath we can, or you can enjoy this orange.'

"Uncle Roy didn’t know what 'desecrate' meant, but he was sure the orange was a better decision."

Weird Parents Dept.

"Not only did we take our kids on the dreaded rides to nowhere," says Bo Bienvenu, of Prairieville, "we 'enhanced' their experience by doing two things that drove them crazy.

"We would find a cul-de-sac close to a friend’s house and make 4-5 trips around the circle, saying we were lost.

"Also, at a traffic light I would lower the window and ask the person next to us, 'Pardon me, but would you have any Gray Poupon?'”

Special People Dept.

  • Marie Antoinette Kapfer Gueho, of Livonia, celebrates her 96th birthday on Tuesday, Dec. 5. She is a World War II war bride from Alsace, France.
  • Terecy Howze Sibley, of Walker/Livingston, celebrates her 90th birthday on Tuesday, Dec. 5.

Grand names revisited

"I hope you have room for one more grandparent story," says Nora Hurley Reynolds, of River Ridge.

"When I was young we lived around the corner from my dad’s mother. He would tell my mom, 'I’m going around the corner to see Mama.'

"So she became 'Corner Mama' to me and my brother."

Santa's reply

"While going through memorabilia recently," says Karen Pressley, "I found a letter to Santa from my oldest, Hannah:

"'Dear Santa, Could I please have Rudolph's autograph to prove that you exist to my friends! Thanks, Hannah Kay Pressley.'

"'Dearest Hannah, What would your mother think if Rudolph had an accident on her rug? I couldn't risk it! Love, Santa.'"

Aerial attack

Frank Arrigo responds to a comment in the Saturday column about pelicans over Tiger Stadium:

"You responded that the flock of pelicans were lucky they weren’t flying over Auburn's stadium when they turned the 'war eagle' loose.

"I would add that the fans were lucky the pelicans weren’t flying over when THEY 'turned loose.'"

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