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Advocate columnist Smiley Anders

I just realized how jaded I've become about the trials and tribulations 2020 has thrown at us.

I was at my computer working on the column when Lady Katherine came in and announced, "It looks like a hurricane is headed this way."

"Of course it is," I replied, and kept working.

Follow the action

Ronnie Stutes, of Baton Rouge, has this weather comment:

"After watching the television reports on all the tropical storms during hurricane season, I have become rather knowledgeable.

"I have observed that there is a definite indicator that an approaching storm will not hit our area.

"It is the moment when all the Weather Channel on-air personnel leave Louisiana and go to another state."

Unlike that poor Weather Channel reporter assigned to New Orleans during our last weather disturbance, who spent the day in ankle-deep water in a parking lot just off Lake Pontchartrain, trying to make it into a story. 

Loving Ohio

For years my favorite NFL teams have been the Saints and whoever beats the Cowboys.

Now I've found myself glued to the telly to watch two teams from, of all places, Ohio.

On Sunday it was a treat to watch Joe Burrow lead the Cincinnati Bengals to their first victory, over the Jacksonville Jaguars.

And another former LSU star, Odell Beckham Jr., helped the Cleveland Browns post a 3-1 record by vanquishing the above-mentioned Cowboys. It's hard to say which play I liked best: Beckham's eye-popping 50-yard touchdown run on a reverse, or a touchdown pass to him from former Tiger Jarvis Landry.

Football is being very, very good to me…         

Mystery parish

Luc Johnson says it's not just south Louisiana folks who have trouble with people from elsewhere pronouncing local names:

"In a promo for an outdoors show originating in north Louisiana, the announcer said it was hosted by 'Some good old boys from Bose-e-aye Parish.'"

I rather doubt those good old boys were amused…

A youthful scrape

Barry Dufour continues our memories of autumn boucheries with a recollection of a job I would have to rank right down there with some of the worst:

"I can remember, as a young boy, going to my dad's father's house in Plaucheville, Avoyelles Parish, every fall after the first good freeze for the annual boucherie.

"My grandfather would butcher seven pigs, one for each son and one for him. We would leave New Orleans early Saturday morning and drive straight there.

"As a young boy, along with all the other cousins, we were put to work scrapping the hogs of all their hair. We would also help with the meat cutting when possible. Each family would donate some meat for the noon meal.

"The aunts and Grandma would be in the house making boudin, both red and white, and hog head cheese. The men would make the cracklings outside. Such good memories…"

Getting stuck

Mike Buchart, of Baton Rouge, tells this cautionary tale:

"A Mowata friend caught a big crawfish on his rodent 'sticky pad' in the house.

"We pondered that, and offered a warning label for the pad package: 'Warning: If crawfish nearby, place a 3-inch barrier fence around sticky pad to prevent unintended crawfish death.'"

Defining moment

Marvin Borgmeyer, of Baton Rouge, offers this definition:

Consultant: Someone who takes the watch off your wrist and tells you the time.

Special People Dept.

  • Dollie Singleton, of Baton Rouge, celebrated her 100th birthday Tuesday, Oct. 6.
  • Frank Newchurch Sr., of Labadieville, celebrates his 98th birthday Wednesday, Oct. 7. He served as an Army sergeant in World War II.

Hang in there

Marsha R., of Baton Rouge, says, "Someone asked me if I was 'In it to win it!'

"No, I just want to 'Do it and get through it.'"

We're outta here!

Algie Petrere, of Central, offers this modest proposal:

"OK, folks, we made it through Valentine's Day, Easter, Mother's Day, Father's Day and the Fourth of July.

"I say this week we buy a pumpkin, eat some candy corn, carve a turkey, put up a Christmas tree, blow some New Year's horns and get the heck out of 2020.

"Who's with me?"

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