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Bob Craig Jr., of Baton Rouge, calls this story "dodging a silver bullet" (Coors drinkers will get it):

"My 2-year-old granddaughter Emma, on a hot day in August, told me, 'Emma needs a cold one.'

"Not exactly sure what she meant, and hoping it wasn't what I was thinking, I let her take me to my icebox in my outside storeroom, which is full of adult beverages.

"She had me open both doors and she pointed to the Popsicles in my freezer. She told me, 'Emma needs a red cold one!'"

Cats are like that

Katie Nachod, of New Orleans, says, "Having been the human companion of both dogs and cats, I had to laugh out loud at a recent obituary in your newspaper that included the following sentence: 'He is also survived by his adoring dog Sting and his cat Frisky.'

"I don't know if this sentence structure was intentional, but if so, it firmly illustrates the T-shirt wisdom that states 'Dogs have owners, but cats have staff.'

"My dogs seemed to think that they existed to make me happy, while my two current cats, Vincent and Dinkle, have the contrarian notion that I exist to make them happy (and well-fed).

"I firmly believe that my cats are fond of me, but I would never call them adoring."

Maybe not, but from his attitude I suspect that Jasper, Lady Katherine's cat, adores himself.

Take your pick

While we're on the subject of dogs and cats, here's a timely tale from Cathy Heckman:

"I remember on Halloween, 1992, I had a black and white 3½-month-old Cardigan Welsh corgi puppy. They have large upright ears.

"When the doorbell rang, I held her under my arm to give out candy to trick-or-treaters so she wouldn’t run out the door.

"One little boy, after getting his candy, looked at her carefully and said, 'I like your dog … or cat!'

"I guess because it was Halloween he was thinking maybe I had a black cat? Anyway, he covered himself with either dog or cat!"

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Picky chef!

Since we've been writing about food lately, here's a food story from Harvey Pashibin, of Upper Lafayette, about a situation I've never come across in my years of cooking:

"I am reminded of this cooking dilemma as I’m prepping in the kitchen.

"Thirty-five years ago I was invited to a communal crawfish boil. Each participant was tasked with bringing an essential ingredient.

"'My God — you’ve neglected to de-rib the bell peppers!’ cried the head chef.

"Even today, decades later, I recall that solemn castigation as I’m preparing the 'trinity' for stuff I’m cooking in the kitchen.

"What say yer readers, Smiley? To de-rib, or no?"

I don't know about readers, but this is a "problem" I've never encountered. I use lots of bell peppers, and just remove the seeds, maybe pull off some of the white stuff inside if there's a lot of it. But I've never "de-ribbed," figuring that the "rib" of a bell pepper is just more bell pepper.

Sound of respect

David Guedry, of Prairieville, says, "At 11 a.m. Thursday, Nov. 11, Veterans Day, members of an organization named Taps For Veterans/Taps Across America will play 'Taps' wherever they choose to be, as we did on Memorial Day, July Fourth, 9/11 and Gen. Colin Powell's funeral day.

"Thousands of buglers and trumpet players all across this country have participated. If you hear Taps being played in your neighborhood, please take a few seconds to think of why it's being played. Like the others in the organization, I consider it an honor. For more information check out"

Missed opportunity

"Speaking of funny names," says Donald Landaiche, of Donaldsonville, "my sister Margaret worked at the water company with a girl named Marian Dill.

"Marian was at the counter when a young man came in to put up a deposit for new water service. His name was Keith Pickle.

"My sister told Marian to try to get it know him."

But, alas, Donald says the young lady declined — and there would never be a Mrs. Marian Dill Pickle.

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