Charlie Anderson says, "Some years ago, I was manager of a state Health Department program that enforced regulations of institutions.

"One day I got a phone call from a state senator calling on behalf of a constituent, whose day care center had been cited for violation of the sanitary code.

"I explained the rationale for the cited regulations, but expected some urging to maybe cut some slack.

"Instead, he said he understood, and expressed pleasure at encountering a conscientious state employee, saying he would explain to the constituent.

"The senator was Mike Foster. Several months later, when I read the news that he announced his candidacy for governor, I knew who I was voting for."

Waxing nostalgic

Blake Gehbauer, of Lakeview in New Orleans, asks, "Do you know anything about an update on the Conti Wax Museum, once located at 917 Conti Street? Do you know where the figures are stored today?"

An online search revealed that the 124 wax figures, which range from Dracula to Edwin Edwards, are slated to be displayed once again in a new museum in the Jazzland theme park, to be built on the Six Flags amusement park site in New Orleans East, shut down since Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

New Orleans developer Tonya Pope and the Paidia Co. announced plans for the new park, but with no timeline I could find.

The wax figures were moved from the Conti Street location when the building was sold to be turned into a condominium development.

Big spender

Recently I mentioned the New Orleans-brewed beers of my youth: Falstaff, Jax, Dixie. I also said folks ordering Midwestern brews like Schlitz and Budweiser, which were a nickel or so more expensive, were accused of putting on airs.

Gail Stephenson, of Baton Rouge, follows up on this:

"Your bit about people ordering beer by brands reminded me of my college days. Northwestern State students didn’t go to bars — they went to Maggio’s, the drive-thru liquor store.

"My boyfriend (now my husband of 43 years) would always order a tall Falstaff (16-ounce can for 35 cents) for himself, but I guess he was trying to impress me, because he always ordered a Schlitz in a bottle (12 ounces for 40 cents) for me."

Surprise package

Russ Wise, of LaPlace, says, "Dudley Lehew’s suggestion in the Monday column on getting rid of an unwanted trash container (by putting it in a delivery box at the front door) reminded me that several years ago New York’s trash collectors went out on strike shortly before Christmas.

"Enterprising New Yorkers put their garbage into boxes, wrapped the boxes in gaily colored holiday paper, and left in the back seats of their unlocked cars. Voila!"

Special People Dept.

Rivers Richardson "Dick" King, of New Orleans, celebrates his 100th birthday Tuesday, Oct. 13. He is a World War II veteran, serving in the Pacific Theater, and a tennis player until age 95.

Colorful comment

Perry A. Snyder, of Baton Rouge, says, "At preschool grandson Harrison and a classmate met quite by accident, running into one another at full bore, resulting in tears, ice packs, and a swollen eye.

"Grandmother Cindy was there to greet him when he arrived home, and expected to see a shiner.

"Wanting to prepare him for what he would see in the mirror the next morning, she said, 'Harrison, Nini thinks you're going to have your very first black eye.'

"Her prediction did not sit well with the 3-year-old:

“ ‘Oh no, Nini! I want to keep my eye green.’ ”

Very good friends

Rex Artieta says, "When my great-grandson was in Pre-K, we were invited to his Halloween party at school.

"He was so excited he could hardly wait to introduce us: 'This is my MawMaw and her friend PawPaw.'

"I explained that we had been married for over 50 years, but the teacher didn’t hear because she was laughing so hard."

Today's groaner

From Wayne LeCompte, of Metairie: "A study shows cows produce more milk when farmers talk to them: a case of 'in one ear and out the udder.’ ”

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