Lynette Lococo, of Baton Rouge, says her mom, Leona Diez Henderson, "had a post/column on her kitchen counter. Often, she would Scotch tape (Post-Its were not yet invented) notes to herself of things to remember.

"One day, on a visit, I noticed a note reading 'Perry Comeaux special, Tuesday, 7 p.m.'

"Gotta love Cajun ladies!"

Final notice

Ronnie Melancon, of Gretna, tells this sad story about names:

"While in the Army in the mid '50s at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, John Fletcher Bryant and I were sent to radio school.

"He told me everyone called him Fletcher, including his girlfriend.

"One day he received a letter from her that began 'Dear John.' He knew what was coming!"

Our gang

Speaking of names:

Elise Kaufman says, "We were living up east in 'Rho Dyland' (aka Rhode Island) in the ’80s, and had friends over when our youngest son was born.

"A college friend from Texas was living there, too, and her name was Jimmie Lou.

"One of the natives 'All you Southerners have double names like Jimmie Lou, Joe Bill, etc.'

"Then he stopped himself when it dawned on him, and he said, 'We have double names here, too: Frank “Buckles,” Anthony “The Knife” … it just goes to show you.’ ”

Pick a name

Referencing our seminar on nicknames, Nobey Benoit reminds us, "Real names can be confusing, too. 

"I had three brothers, and when my father wanted one's attention, he would name each of us before he settled on the right one.

"My friend Dooley had 14 siblings. His father was a carpenter, and Dooley was helping him build a house one summer.

"The owner of the house came by one day, and Dooley's father wanted to introduce him to the man.

"He told the man, 'This is my son, er, my son, er. Tell the man your name, boy!'

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"Then there was Abel. He solved the problem by calling everyone either 'Harry' or ‘Henry.’ ”

Which reminds me

As I've mentioned before, when I was an LSU student I had a part-time job loading trucks at night for Swift, the wholesale meat company. (Baton Rouge blues legend Tabby Thomas was a co-worker.)

One of my supervisors solved the name problem by calling every one of the guys "Podnuh." I'm not sure he ever knew my name. 

Keep it simple

Bernard Cleary, of Metairie, gives us an example of how to explain complex issues to kids:

"Not too long ago I had a procedure on a skin disorder on my right temple. The doctor removed a patch of skin for micro examination and covered the area with an oversized taped-down gauze bandage.

"While visiting my son in Prairieville, my great-grandson, then about 6, was playing nearby and couldn't miss my big white patch.

"He walked over for a closer look, not saying a word. I leaned toward him and in my best stage whisper said, 'I got hit by a truck.'

"Put in terms he could understand, he just turned and went back to his blocks and Legos."

Hard to forget

Gladys Lalonde, of Baton Rouge, says, "My grandson Jude, 8, in Houston, has been learning the Ten Commandments at school. He's been writing and memorizing them each week.

"My son sent me a copy of what Jude wrote for the Tenth Commandment: 'You shall not COVID your neighbor's house.'

"I laughed, and thought, 'Even our little children have COVID on their minds.’ ”

Special People Dept.

  • Yvonne and Constable William Cure, of Chalmette, celebrate their 65th anniversary Tuesday, June 1.
  • Hollis and Margaret Hodges celebrate 65 years of marriage Tuesday, June 1.
  • Norma and Ed Walters, of Baton Rouge, celebrate their 53rd anniversary Tuesday, June 1.

Yes, he's real!

James Minton, of Denham Springs, continues our discussion of those beloved robocalls:

"When I refused to punch 5 or 9 on a robocall to indicate whether I was the person they were trying to scam, I was surprised to hear the computerized voice say, 'We’re sorry, but you have failed to indicate that you are a human.'

"Some folks may agree, but it’s not often a scammer tells you that."

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