Adam Graff III, of Metairie, says our mention of home remedies "reminded me of an incident with my late father, Adam Graff Jr.

"Early in my marriage, my mom and dad came to visit. Noticing a hoarseness in my dad’s speech, I asked him, 'Got a cold?'

"He answered, 'Yeah, you got the makings of a hot toddy?'

"I proceeded to gather together a lemon, some honey and my dad’s favorite, Evan Williams bourbon. I sliced and squeezed the lemon into a small glass, then added a tablespoon of honey.

"In the meantime, Dad had opened the bourbon and poured a very generous shot into the toddy mixture.

"I remarked, 'A little heavy on the Evan, huh, Dad?'

"He turned with the bottle in his hand and a sly smirk on his face, and said, 'Whose cold is this anyway, yours or mine?'"

Bad news

Bo Bienvenu, of Prairieville, says this about the failure of the special session and the state's budget woes as a result:

"It reminds me of an old mentor who encouraged looking for the good in people and the silver lining behind every cloud.

"But he had a disclaimer: 'There will be times, no matter how hard you look, when the only good you will be able to associate with some people will be that they are really good bad examples.'”

Petty larceny 

Keith Horcasitas says Father Mike Schatzle, of St. George Catholic Church in Baton Rouge, used this story to urge the congregation not to "throw in the towel" because their Lenten sacrifices are difficult:

"Monique, a teenager, had gone with her class on a school swimming function with her favorite towel.

"When her mom came to pick up Monique after the event, the towel was missing.

"Monique's mother became very indignant, and accused one of her daughter's classmates of stealing it.

"The teacher tried to calm things down, and noted, 'I'm sure it was misplaced. We'll look for it. Can you describe it for me?'

"Monique's mother then said, 'OK; I sure hope you can find it. It has "Holiday Inn" written on it…'"

Pigging out

Ray Schell comments on our mention in the Wednesday column of California folks dealing with a nutria invasion by dining on the critters:

"Making a quick search online, I did come up with the association of nutria meat and nutritious qualities. They should be good to eat.

"However, what we need next are some good recipes for feral hogs, to get Louisiana hunters interested in harvesting some of those to control their population explosion."

Know your flags

Nobey Benoit was reminded of this by our discussion of Louisiana flags in a recent column:

"If you don't have a copy of the book 'Flags of Louisiana,' you can read all about the flags associated with Louisiana at this internet site: Milledge L. Bonham, Jr. 'The Flags of Louisiana.'"

Special People Dept.

  • Alfred "Buck" Bayhi celebrates his 93rd birthday on Friday, March 9.
  • Katrina Wicker celebrates her 93rd birthday on Saturday, March 10.
  • Pauline Yuhasz Bartus, of Hungarian Settlement near Albany, celebrates her 92nd birthday on Saturday, March 10.
  • Frances Davis, of Baker, celebrates her 91st birthday on Saturday, March 10.

The Gremillion way

Ernie Gremillion says this about Ina Narvarre's story in the Thursday column about her dad, Russell Gremillion, as a young boy, alarming his family by pulling the pin on an old World War II hand grenade:

"Post World War II, there were many deactivated grenades that made the rounds. I was exposed to several myself.

"A lot of them still had the pins in, but no explosive powder. It would have been highly unusual to have a live grenade.

"Having said that, and knowing how Gremillions can exaggerate, I can believe that Russell might have passed the story off, representing it as a live grenade that just didn't go off."

Thought for the Day

From Chet Siemion, of Denham Springs: "The aging process is a lot like riding a bicycle; once your'e over the hill, you pick up speed."

Louisiana Haiku

Sad coastal journey

Old folks lament loss of land

Sea laps at their homes 

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