Faye Melancon says in the '60s she got a letter from an Alabama friend telling this story:

As the ice cream man came down their street, his truck died.

One of her daughters yelled out the window for him to come in, saying, "We got a phone! Somebody can come fix it!"

Mom, in the den ironing, met him as her daughter let him in. The room was filled with clothes and she couldn't find the phone, so he went upstairs to use the bedroom phone.

He was having trouble getting a number, so as she started up to help, she heard him yelling out her bedroom window at some kids messing around with his truck.

The houses were built alike, and everybody knew where each other's bedrooms were. So the mystery question going from neighbor to neighbor was, "Why is the ice cream man upstairs in her bedroom?"

She told Faye, “I'm still trying to explain, but they just get a 'no comment' expression on their faces…"

Faye adds, "She did finish the ironing."

Golf trick

"Snowflake Walley" has another story about the great golfer Lee Trevino:

"This actually happened during the New Orleans Open that used to be held at the Lakewood Country Club on the West Bank:

"After his round, Lee Trevino went to the practice range to hit balls, and about 10 of us followed him.

"I shouted out to Lee and asked him what club he was using, and he said a 7 iron. I opened my big mouth and said, 'I bet you can't hit the 150-yard sign using that 7 iron!'

"Lee said, 'How much?' So all 10 of us put up $20 each and handed the money to his caddie to hold.

"Well, ol' Lee walked out to the 150-yard sign and hit it with the 7 iron, walked back to the caddie, took the money, folded it up, put it in his pocket and went back to hitting golf balls."

Special People Dept.

  • Anna Blanchard Gleason, grammar school teacher on the east bank of Plaquemines Parish for decades, celebrates her 102nd birthday on Friday, Sept. 29.
  • Marie Yarbrough celebrates her 96th birthday on Friday, Sept. 29.
  • Jerry S. Alford, of Mount Hermon, celebrated her 95th birthday on Sunday, Sept. 24. 
  • Butch Felterman, of Patterson, celebrates his 90th birthday on Saturday, Sept. 30.
  • Jane Waguesbeck Molony celebrates her 90th birthday on Saturday, Sept. 30.

Nuisance or menace?

Duane Smith, of Port Allen, says, "I had to laugh as I read the article in the Tuesday paper concerning the state's policy that allows a hunter to charge a homeowner $50 to remove 'nuisance' alligators.

"In defending the policy, a state spokesperson said having an alligator removed from the property is 'really not any different' than having a nuisance squirrel or raccoon removed from an attic, for which charges are common.

"Uh…yeah, it is a little different — but now I can't erase this mental image of gators crawling around the attic in the middle of the night!

"The article then shares a specific case where Troy Landry came to the rescue of both the homeowner and the gator. I have decided that if I have a nuisance gator, instead of paying $50, I may just take Troy's advice: 'Choot 'em!'"

Hawk thanks hunters

Joe Mistretta, of Donaldsonville, discusses a popular column topic:

"Several years ago my son-in-law and I were hunting squirrels when he bagged one high in an oak tree.

"Although dead, the squirrel did not fall from the tree. After several failed attempts to dislodge it by firing additional shots, we paused to ponder how it might be retrieved.

"We heard a swishing sound, and to our surprise the biggest red tail hawk I have ever seen flew through the woods, dodging the many surrounding trees, snatched our squirrel up in its talons, and flew off.

"In disbelief, we decided to call it a day and went home for breakfast. It was good to know that the game was not wasted. Lesson for the day — little is wasted in nature."

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