Watching the Clemson dismantling of Alabama, I noticed that the players were VERY large indeed.

I recalled my years at Istrouma High, with linemen in the 175-180 pound range.

McChord Carrico goes further back:

"Your football stories reminded me of my father, an all-state back for Lebanon High School in Kentucky in the 1930s.

"He had two nicknames, 'Swivel Hips' and 'Iron Horse,' and told me his playing weight was about 130 pounds.

"When I played as a back for the same high school in the 1950s (without any athletic distinction whatsoever), I discovered one of his game programs, listing his playing weight as 145.

"When I asked about this discrepancy, he told me the higher number was used to intimidate opponents!"

Closing number

Tuesday I found two Spanish Town neighbors, Lanny Keller and Robert Adley (name-dropping!), discussing the Clemson-Alabama game.

Robert said he was "sitting on the dock of the bay, watching the Tide roll away…"   

Hold that rant

John C. Loe addresses my rant about guys wearing baseball caps in upscale restaurants:

"Reading your column raised my ire a bit. I too notice and am aggravated by bad manners.

"I don’t know what the situation was with the guy with the baseball cap, but my father, the consummate gentleman, wears one most times in public.

"He is 91 (very much with it) and has had multiple surgeries on his bald head for removing serious skin cancers. The top of his head looks like an unpleasant photo of moon craters.

"I have encouraged him to wear the cap as opposed to exposing the public to his unsightly dome, which he does.

"Now when I see someone exhibiting what I consider bad manners, I first ask myself if there is a not so obvious reason for this behavior…"

Nice People Dept.

Joanne Cowgill thanks Jackie at Baton Rouge's Old Hammond Highway Post Office:

"After I forgot to put a stamp on a Christmas card to my aunt in Navarre, Florida, it was returned to me. I put a stamp on it, but it still came back two more times.

"I went to the Post Office and Jackie helped me. Figuring the machine was misreading the address, she put the card in Priority Mail, at no charge to me.

"Jackie cared enough to figure out a way to get my card to my elderly aunt. She ROCKS!"

Special People Dept.

  • Rosebud Fontenot Baronet, of Lafayette, celebrates her 100th birthday Friday, Jan. 11. She is a native of Iota.
  • Inez "Nez" Landry, of Magnolia Assisted Living in Gonzales, formerly of Donaldsonville, celebrates her 99th birthday Friday, Jan. 11.
  • Lucy Kadair, of Baton Rouge, celebrated her 97th birthday Thursday, Jan. 10.
  • Georgina Bradley, of Baton Rouge, celebrates her 94th birthday Saturday, Jan. 12. She is a native of California, but a Baton Rouge resident since 1945.
  • John Percy Sanchez and Julia Duhe Sanchez, of Pointe Coupee Parish, celebrate their 67th anniversary Saturday, Jan. 12. He is a World War II Navy veteran.
  • Mark and Sharon Barrilleaux, of Westwego, married 50 years Friday, Jan. 11, will have a celebration Saturday, Jan. 12, at New Orleans Ladies Ballroom in Terrytown.

Silent treatment

A holiday story from Danny Nodurft, of Harahan:

"My mother-in-law is 91 and really enjoys Christmas, especially the music.

"Recently we received an Echo, which responds to voice commands. As you may know, in order to activate it, you need to start with the word 'Alexa.'

"The other morning, while my wife and mother-in-law were wrapping presents, she wanted to hear Christmas music.

"Turning to the Echo, she thought she knew the command, and loudly stated, 'Hey lady, play some Christmas music.'

"Needless to say, the Echo only provided 'Silent Night.'"

Surprise, surprise!

Speaking of Christmas, Harry Clark, of Lafayette says, "When daughter Lizette was about 5, I took her to buy her mom's Christmas gift.

"I explained the importance of not telling what it was (a cookbook) so Mom would be surprised Christmas morning.

"When we got home, Lizette cried, 'Mommy, we bought your Christmas present, and it is NOT a book for cooking!'"

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