Keith Horcasitas, of Baton Rouge, says our dog stories reminded him of a tale from Jack and Jill Lasseigne about their late schnauzer, Chance.

They had a birthday party at their house, and used a video camera to record the festivities.

"When the party people vacated the kitchen, the video camera was still rolling. When they returned to the kitchen, a hamburger was missing from the table.

"For a while, no one knew what had happened to the missing burger. Until they looked at the video."

Chance, at the kitchen table, was shown carefully looking one way and then the other to see if anyone was watching, then taking the burger between two paws and making it disappear.

The other tiger

Alex "Sonny" Chapman, of Ville Platte, was the first to correctly answer Ernie Gremillion's question about colleges with tiger mascots.

LSU and the University of Memphis are the only ones, and only Memphis brings its tiger, Tom III, to home games.

Memphis has had a live tiger mascot since 1972. Tom III is housed and cared for by the Tiger Guard, a booster group. University funds are not used.

Alex wins a Pastime po-boy and root beer with me. Despite what Ernie said, I'll pay.

The iceman cameth

Carol Stutzenbecker, of Kenner, tells how a bygone kitchen appliance gave us a word those of us "of a certain age" still use on occasion:

"My mother told me a story about how her family would buy blocks of ice from the neighborhood 'iceman'. He would deliver ice daily in her neighborhood, and they would place it in their 'icebox.'

"As time went on and electric refrigerators were used, my mother continued to refer to modern-day electric refrigerators as 'iceboxes.'

"However, one day when I referred to a refrigerator as an 'icebox,' my girlfriend corrected me, and she was laughing! I guess I needed her to set me straight, because I was living in 'jet-set' Los Angeles!"

On the money

Joe Burrow wasn't the only Baton Rouge resident making accurate throws at the SEC Conference Championship in Atlanta Saturday.

During halftime of the game, Andrea Gathercole took home the grand prize of $100,000 in the Dr Pepper Tuition Giveaway by throwing the most number of footballs into an oversized Dr Pepper can in 30 seconds.

The finalists, 18 to 24 years old, were selected based on video submissions explaining how the tuition money would be used.

Andrea is a senior at Baylor University, studying to become an emergency room physician, especially in cities affected by natural disasters. She said growing up in Baton Rouge, a city affected by hurricanes and floods, showed her how critical care is to saving lives.

Victory verse

Even before the LSU football team's Saturday triumph, my mailbox was filled with songs and poems about the Tigers and their special season.   

For instance, this one from David McLemore:

"With the SEC championship game being billed as LSU offense versus Georgia defense, here is a little poetic tribute to the game:

"Georgia's defense had quite a flair,

'Til they tried to tackle Edwards-Helaire.

Uga thought he had been kicked in the face,

Dealing with Burrow, Jefferson, and Chase."

Language lesson

Francis Celino, The Metairie Miscreant, sends us this message:

"Seen on a T-shirt from a local company: 'Metairie: French for traffic.'"

Remember what?

Richard Mann says, "About three decades ago I was playing in a tennis tournament in New Iberia. I was on the court when next to us a doubles match between two teams in the mens' 65-plus category was about to start.

"The 65-plus category was the highest offered, but I guessed that all four of the participants were well over 65.

"Three of the four were taking their warm-up serves, but not Emile.

"One of his opponents said, 'Emile, why you not taking them practice serves?'

"Emile replied, 'I never take them practice serves. My memory ain’t that good!'”

Vision problem

Pam Downing, of Baton Rouge, says, "I had cataract surgery this last week. Now I can see.

"The hairs on my chin; how deep my wrinkles are, and how gray my hair is."

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