Charlie Melancon, of Baton Rouge, adds this bit of history to our discussion of the origin of the Saints:

"About Dave Dixon and his efforts to bring a professional football team to New Orleans: Please know that the person who got the job completed was U.S. Sen. Russell Long, as chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, who was asked to provide the league with some tax breaks they wanted.

"In true Russell Long style, he agreed but with one caveat — New Orleans would get a franchise."

Disconcerting sight

Marsha R., of Baton Rouge, says her late first husband, Marcus McCormick, worked for GSRI (now Entergy) and was involved in estimating the cost of buying up property around the Superdome area.

She says he admitted that much of this work was done "while seated at the revolving bar at the top of the International Trade Mart that overlooked the site.

"He was watching Superdome construction from that same perch while pile-driving was going on. He watched as one piling was hammered twice, then on the third blow disappeared as it was sucked into the ground below, followed by a long pause in the foundation work.

"He never felt safe in that building."

Worst name?

I once drove by a little diner in the Biloxi, Mississippi, area that I swear was called Hot Slop. I've always regarded that as the most unfortunate restaurant name ever, but Shlomo Pielstick-Kennedy, of Opelousas, tells of one that's close:

"I wonder how many of your readers are old enough to remember, as I do, a restaurant in Lafayette called The Skunk.

"I believe it was at the intersection of U.S. 90 with the Vermilion River. My family stopped there for lunch once, and there really was a skunk walking around in the restaurant. I assume he must have had his scent glands removed." 

Special People Dept.

  • June Lank, of St. James Place in Baton Rouge, celebrates her 100th birthday Sunday, June 7. She is a Navy veteran.
  • Mary L. Landry, of Paincourtville, celebrates her 91st birthday Sunday, June 7.
  • Dr. O.P. and Betty Waldrep, residents of Denham Springs since 1950, celebrate their 75th anniversary Friday, June 5. He was the second dentist in Denham Springs; she is a founding member of the local Garden Club and Book Club.
  • Bill and Winkie Bouldin celebrate their 68th anniversary Friday, June 5. He is a World War II Army veteran.
  • Edmund "Bud" and Charlotte Jenkins, Slidell, celebrate their 67th anniversary Saturday, June 6. He is a retired Marine; she is a retired teacher.
  • Harriet and Col. Phil St.Amant II celebrate 57 years of marriage Sunday, June 7. Says Harriet: "We met at West Point in mid-1961, and the rest is history."
  • Lynda and Clifford Normand celebrate 56 years of marriage Saturday, June 6. After a deer broke into their home a few years ago, they became known as the Deer Whisperer and the Deer Wrestler. 
  • David and Myra Milliken, of Kenner, celebrate their 55th anniversary Friday, June 5. They are both New Orleans natives. David is an Army veteran of the Vietnam War.

Trying again

Phone problems prevented me from chatting with Jim Engster on Thursday on his "Talk Louisiana" radio program.

So we're taking another shot at it at 9:30 a.m. Friday on Baton Rouge public radio WRKF, 89.3 FM, or

Jim wants to talk about the 41st anniversary of the column, which happened Thursday.

And no lost socks

Lynn B., of Baton Rouge, says, "A recent comic strip indicated that a lot of sock drawers are now neat, as people had nothing to do while sheltered due to the virus. It reminded me of when my son was in high school. He solved his sock problem by getting all of his socks the same color. He never had to match a pair."

Groaner of the Week

Algie Petrere, of Central, says, "With so many sporting events canceled, they're going to televise the World Origami Championship.

"It's going to be on Paperview."

She adds, "I know. … 'Boo, hiss. …'"


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