I was perusing the Thursday Advocate when I came across a recipe that sounded interesting: shrimp, corn and sweet potato soup.

It was from Holly Clegg; one of the last ones before her death on Nov. 1.

As I read Holly's column, about how soup comforted her and her caregiver as they dealt with the stomach cancer that took her life, I realized I was having difficulty getting through it — my eyes were watering.

This was odd, because a soup recipe can't make you cry.

Can it? 

Deer Saving Time

I've been receiving the usual gripes about the confusion caused by the latest time change. Richard Fossey, of Baton Rouge, tells of his problem with "fall back":

"Last weekend, I joined a group of guys to go deer hunting in Claiborne Parish. We arrived at the deer camp on Saturday in time for an afternoon hunt. We all saw lots of deer, including some big bucks.

"That night we agreed we should get up early on Sunday morning so we could be in our deer stands by 7 a.m. and be ready to shoot the deer we had seen on Saturday.

"Someone reminded the group that we needed to turn back our watches by one hour because of daylight saving time.

"The next morning, we were all in our deer stands by 7 o'clock, and we sat in our stands all morning. No one saw a deer. What happened to the ones we had seen on Saturday?

"Then one of the hunters asked a profound question. The hunters all set their watches back one hour, but what about the deer? What time were they on?"

Home of hotness

Don L. Broussard says comments about Tabasco and military chow "brought back this memory.

"Several years after World War II, we decided to have a reunion of the officers of the regiment. As the former adjutant, I was given the task of notifying everyone.

"My first call was to my assistant personnel officer, Lt. Joseph Parrino.

"He told me, 'My son came to dinner and brought a bottle of Tabasco, and I told him about how you carried a bottle with you always.'

"I did it for two reasons. First, I needed it to season mess hall chow. And second, at that time the bottle label showed 'New Iberia' (before Avery Island had a post office).

"So it seasoned my food and gave me an easy way to brag about my home town."

Traditional runaway

Edwin Fleischmann adds to our "running away from home" series with the tale of a kid who had evidently picked up on the classic gear for runaways, as featured in every comic strip dealing with that topic.

"My little brother Raymond, when he was about 8 years old, went through a phase where he would run away from home every afternoon.

"Apparently he had had some kind of disagreement with the way my mother was running things, and he wasn't going to take it any more.

"He would take a bandanna and stuff it with all his worldly possessions, tie the bandanna in a knot onto a stick, and he would be on his way.

"We never did find out where he went during these tantrums, but he always returned home in time for dinner!"

Having a ball

Paul Vincent thanks "the 140 volunteers who came out and made Miracle League's fall season a success.

"Miracle League is a Baton Rouge-based baseball league for special needs players. We had over 100 players. The smiles on the players' faces were priceless.

"Also, thanks to LSU, Southern and Southeastern teams coming out to enjoy the fun. See y'all in the spring."

Supermarket fun

Ernie Gremillion, of Baton Rouge, enjoys messing with people's minds. Here's his latest stunt:

"In the supermarket the other day, they were serving sausage slices on demo.

"Each slice had a pretzel stick for serving. After trying one, I said to the server, 'Those were great pretzels! Where are they located in the store so I could get some?'

"Got sort of a strange reaction from the server."

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