As you may have read, the Superdome is losing the company owning its naming rights, and after July 2021 will no longer be called The Expensive German Car Superdome.

And as you might imagine, this has unleashed a flood of "suggestions" on social media for a new name more reflective of New Orleans, ranging from the possible (Popeyes, Raising Canes) to the silly (Big Freedia).

However, none of the suggestions I've seen so far are as appealing as this one, which honors a successful business born in Louisiana and providing a valuable product nationwide.

It is with some pride that I offer this suggestion: "The Boudreaux's Butt Paste Superdome."

I imagine locals would quickly dub the dome "The Big Butt." ("The Big Butt was really shaking after the Saints trounced the Falcons.")     

What's your name?

In the unlikely event that someone comes up with a better new name for the Superdome than the suggestion above, I am opening a "Name That Dome Sweepstakes" to give you a chance to suggest names and sponsors.

The winner will be judged on originality and cleverness, and will receive an impressive prize — a signed copy of my new book, "Smiley and Friends."

So give it your best shot.

Heated response

Cootsie, of Slaughter, says, "Tina Soong's comment in your Thursday column about whispering to dragonflies 'I love you,' so they can fly your message to heaven and deliver it to a loved one, touched me.

"From now on when I'm in my garden talking to my plants, I will include the dragonflies!

"Just for curiosity, do you know of any dragonflies that have heatproof wings? I'm afraid my messages may have to go a different way on occasion."

The unsweet

Terry Dantin, of Thibodaux, offers this definition of the word "padou," used in river parishes: 

"My French grandparents used this term in reference to someone who was rude; a very unpleasant person with whom to deal.

"The proper spelling is 'pas doux' or 'pas douce,' meaning 'not sweet.' ('He sure isn't sweet … Il est sure pas doux' or 'She sure isn't sweet … Elle est sure pas douce'.)

"This term 'pas doux' (masculine) and 'pas douce' (feminine) refers to one's demeanor, whereas 'gradou' refers to some sort of grit and grime."

Island cuisine

"Because of the way things are I think we are all thinking about comfort food," says Marsha R., of Baton Rouge:

"I’m from Hawaii, and one of my strong memories is of Sunday breakfast (now a weekday supper) — toast, fried eggs, bacon — and baked beans (with leftover beans for a sandwich on bread with mayonnaise).

"My mother grew up on a ranch on the Big Island, and my grandfather and most of my uncles were 'paniolos,' Hawaiian cowboys, the guys who swam the cattle out to the waiting boats to take them to the mainland instead of rounding them up in a stockyard.

"My mother said all the wives made beef jerky for their husbands to take along as they cared for the cattle."

Special People Dept.

  • Wesley Denham celebrates his 99th birthday Saturday, May 23. He is a World War II veteran.
  • Zula Dupuy, of Lutcher, celebrates her 98th birthday Sunday, May 24.
  • Mary Jane Carlock celebrates her 94th birthday Saturday, May 23.
  • Lillian D. Brown, of Norwood, celebrates her 93rd birthday Friday, May 22.
  • Audrey Duke, of Baton Rouge, celebrates her 93rd birthday Sunday, May 24.
  • John and Barbara Hanks, of Plaquemine, celebrated their 70th anniversary May 13.

Educational experience

Marvin Borgmeyer says, "It takes a village to raise a child. It takes a distillery to home-school one."

That sinking feeling

Beverly Bulligan, of Kenner, says the discussion of bars with unique names reminded her of this story:

"Years ago, my dad and brother bought a boat (I think a small pontoon boat) that they expected to fix up.

"It was such a mess that, on seeing it, I was leery of stepping into it on dry land!

"As they were discussing names for it, I jumped in and suggested they should name it 'Bottoms Up.’ ”

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