I welcomed the arrival of football season by watching the preseason Florida-Miami game. (What? It was a REAL game? No way.)

While tuned to ESPN, I was told about 500 times of the retirement of Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck at the age of 29, after a multitude of injuries.

It reminded me of this tale of early retirement from Jim Chapman:

"A recent article in your column about a boxer made me remember a young man attending one of my firefighting classes in the far north area of our state back in the 1960s.

"Others told me this young man had been an up-and-coming Golden Gloves boxer who was expected to excel in the sport, but had unexpectedly stopped competing.

"I asked him why he stopped boxing and he said seriously, 'The last bout I fought I finished with a concussion and two cracked ribs, and they told me I had won the fight.

"'I decided right then that I didn't want to find out what it would be like to lose, so I stopped fighting.'

"A guy with that much common sense is due a lot of respect and admiration."

In training

Joe Fairchild, of Thibodaux, says, "The Saturday story about running brought back memories of running around the University Lakes at LSU.

"After I completed my active duty time in the Air Force, I returned to graduate school, and each day used to jog around the lakes.

"It was a time before everybody was health conscious, and I did not have a lot of company. But one young man would meet me almost every day.

"He would come riding up on his bicycle and greet me with a shout of 'Hey, Rocky!' He thought I was a boxer!"

One in every crowd

Henry Bradsher, of Baton Rouge, says it's good that beer and wine in Tiger Stadium "will be sold in cups, rather than cans or bottles that can be thrown dangerously, as happened tragically in one long-ago bottle accident."

He tells of an incident in the late 1930s, when some idiot threw a whiskey bottle (evidently after draining it). It shattered, and a piece deeply cut the face of a young woman, an LSU student.

Henry says, "The outrage over this led to an effort to restrict drinking in the stadium, at least in glass bottles. It was, from all reports, only partially successful. As The Advocate’s report on the new cup sales of beer and wine indicates, people continued to smuggle liquor in, but in metal flasks."

Nice People Dept.

Ferne Underwood says, "A few days ago I was pleasantly surprised to walk out on my front porch and discover that the person who delivered my newspaper had left it right by my doorstep.

"This act of kindness has been repeated daily since then.

"I just want to let you know how much this elderly lady truly appreciates not having to walk down to the end of my sidewalk to retrieve it, due to their willingness to go above and beyond. Thank you!"

Special People Dept.

Carolyn Gashia Keller and Lionel "Buck" Keller, of Lake, celebrate 64 years of marriage Tuesday, Aug. 27.

Rubber band man

Mike Boudreaux says as a kid in Morgan City, "not only did we have chinaberry popguns; we had rubber band guns.

"These were pieces of wood, rifle size, with a rubber band about an inch wide from an old tire inner tube (remember those?) stretched over the front of the barrel and held in place by a clothespin. Pressing the clothespin released the rubber band.

"We had a lot of fun with those on Florence Street. Of course, we never shot each other with them. Of course."

Beetle, not boat

Chuck Kelley adds to our recent mentions of floating Volkswagen Beetles:

"I remember a VW commercial that showed a Beetle floating in a pool of water. The camera watched as it slowly took on water and began to sink.

"The tag line went something like this: 'The VW Beetle — It will definitely float, but it won't float indefinitely.'"

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