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Walter B. Merrill, of Allen, Texas, had his memory jogged by Tuesday's mention by former WAFB-TV anchor George Sells of an old broadcast on a still-current subject:

"The item about the 17-year-old video of flooding on Burbank Drive reminded me that authorities were talking about building a loop around Baton Rouge when I moved there in 1975! Of course they are still talking about building a loop!"

Thanks a lot, kid!

"It's a good thing I’m not sensitive about my age," says Nancy Stich, of Baton Rouge:

"I have five darling grandchildren, and they come out with the funniest things. But sometimes, not so funny.

"Sunday I was in church with my twin grandsons. Little Remy, age 5, was sitting on my left and looking sweetly at me in my mask.

"He said, 'GiGi, you're so old.' I said, 'Yes, Remy, I’m 61 years old.'

"Then, exhibiting some social awareness, he said, 'But GiGi, you don’t look that old.'

"I asked him how old I looked. He pondered that, then said, '60!'

"I guess I should be happy he didn’t say 70! But I still love him."

Road worrier 

Oliver Houck, of New Orleans, comments on our mention of the British Ford Cortina:

"I was looking for a small car with a bench seat (so I could snuggle with a girlfriend).

"A Ford Cortina seemed to fit the bill. I located one up in Baltimore. Bought a lime-green one, straight cash, without taking a test drive. Bad mistake.

"I got a half-mile down the highway and saw smoke coming out from the hood. The engine had melted some wires that were burning. When I slammed the door, the window fell out.

"I walked back to the dealer. He offered to fix it, no charge. Like a fool, I accepted.

"Some months later, when I lent it to a girlfriend, it seized up completely. When I called the garage where she'd left it, the man said he'd never seen a car like that.

"I asked him if he'd junk it. He said yes, for a hundred bucks. I sent him a check."

But other than that, Oliver, how'd you like your Cortina?

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But they're cool!

T.W. captures our love-hate relationship with British sports cars:

"As a down-the-line owner of an MGB (well, my dad actually owned it; I just snuck it out a lot) and a Triumph TR-6, I was well aware of their reliability issues.

"These shortcomings were taken in stride, due to the coolness factor.

"However, until reading some of the recent sagas from original owners, I never really thought about how angry I would have gotten if I had purchased one of these 'lemons' new.

"Respect to the original owners for not torching these evil (beautiful), horrible (so fun), cringe-inducing (best times of my life) machines."

Big chill

More on early ways to keep cool:

Henry Bradsher, of Baton Rouge, says, "Recent accounts of sultry summers, attic fans, and window air conditioners bring to mind what maybe was the first centrally air conditioned house in Baton Rouge, the modernistic Philips house on East Lakeshore facing the University Lake.

"As it was being built about 1944, we sweaty boys marveled at the very idea of central air conditioning; it seemed so self-indulgent.

"But we were impressed with the technology of the time; a tower in the backyard where water fell some 15 feet to chill the system.

"Many years and some remodeling later, it became the place where LSU presidents live, still air-conditioned but without the backyard tower."

Special People Dept.

F.C. "Butch" Felterman, of Patterson, celebrates his 94th birthday Thursday, Sept. 30.

Think metric

Nora O'Connell says, "My grandson, Ben, his friend and I left Thibodaux early the day before Ida to evacuate to Conroe, Texas, to my daughter's house.

"We were on U.S. 90 when I glanced over at the speedometer, saw '14' and thought he was going over 140 mph!

"I told him to slow down, and if he couldn't go the speed limit, pull over and I would drive!

He started laughing. He had changed the speedometer to kilometers!"

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