Keith Horcasitas tells a timely story of his New Orleans boyhood:

"Lynette, or 'Delectable,' as we nicknamed her, was an attractive brunette in her early 20s when my buddies and I were in high school.

"She helped her father run a camp program at Tulane Student Center. My father was a Tulane alumnus, so we used Dad's card to swim, bowl, etc.

"As teenagers in puppy love, we would scheme up ways to get Delectable's attention, such as leaving roses at her front door, ringing the bell and scramming!

"My friend Paul and his dad delivered The Times-Picayune, so one Saturday night we planned our present for Delectable.

"Early Valentine's Day morning, while it was still dark, we positioned ourselves in front of her St. Charles Avenue home. We had found out earlier her bedroom was on the second floor in the front of the house, with a little porch. 

"We quickly hurled some 20-plus Sunday Valentine's Day papers onto the porch!

"Delectable enjoyed it. We have lost contact with her, but will always treasure her for accepting us as we were in those acne-filled days."

Sorry, guys

"On the subject of restrooms," says Jim Nichols, of Lafayette, "in the early '80s I was with some friends on the Tickfaw River near Amite.

"Our boat pulled up to the Prop Stop bar, built on pilings over the water, only accessible by boat.

"A sign pointed to the ladies restroom, with a door leading in. The sign for the men’s room pointed to a couple of planks running along the outside of the building. That was the men’s room!

"Didn’t see any ladies complaining about not being able to use the men’s room there."

Take that, honker!

Ferd Guttierrez, of Lacombe, says, "A friend in the 1960s did this if the driver behind him at a red light honked when the light changed:

"He would turn off his engine, get out and open his hood. When the honker came to inquire about the problem, he would explain when he heard the horn he left so quickly the engine died.

"He would get in his car, start the engine, ask the horn blower to close the hood, and proceed on his way."

Big heart

Mary West recalls the time she led construction of the "World's Biggest Valentine," as proclaimed by the Guinness Book of World Records.

Mary was a promoter in Tyler, Texas, in 1984 when she teamed up with art students at Tyler Junior College to create a half-acre Valentine, pink on white paper, saying "Texas (heart) the world."    

Special People Dept.

— Windom J. Burton, of Baton Rouge, celebrates his 100th birthday Friday, Feb. 12. A World War II veteran, he served on the USS Enterprise in the Pacific. He owned WJ Burton Floor Sanding for 45 years.

— Juliette Alford, of LaPlace, celebrates her 100th birthday Friday, Feb. 12. She is a retired educator.

— Adele C. Mule, of the Covington area, celebrates her 100th birthday Sunday, Feb. 14. She is formerly of Chalmette.

— Vivian Pontif Cancienne, of Youngsville, celebrates her 100th birthday Sunday, Feb. 14. She was a longtime educator in the Thibodaux area.

— Lorraine Armagnac LaCour, of Kenner, celebrates her 100th birthday Sunday, Feb. 14.

— Gladys Martin, of Holly Court Assisted Living in Baton Rouge, celebrates her 94th birthday Saturday, Feb. 13.

— Sebastian "Bus" DiPalma celebrates his 94th birthday Monday, Feb. 15. He's a retired chemical engineer and World War II Navy veteran.

— Billie Jean and Oscar Lofton, of Baton Rouge, celebrate 60 years of marriage Friday, Feb. 12.

— Jerry and Paula King, of Gretna, celebrate 54 years of marriage Friday, Feb. 12.

— Jules and Patricia Lefeaux, of Brusly, celebrate 54 years of marriage Friday, Feb. 12.

— Ben and Jody Valentine, of Gonzales, celebrate their 52nd anniversary Sunday, Feb. 14.

Period of mourning

The demise of Mardi Gras this year hit me hard. I love the holiday; it's not just excess, it's wretched excess!

So I'm off on a long-delayed family vacation, driving east and not stopping until I mention Mardi Gras and people say, "What's that?"


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