It's always a bit sad to watch Weather Channel reporters standing around in beautiful weather trying to find something to talk about when a storm either hasn't arrived or isn't going to arrive.   

Ronnie Stutes, of Baton Rouge, noticed this about pre-storm weather reporting:

"The presence of two tropical storms at the same time has resulted in a yet another new weather record — most metaphors in a single sentence.

"Jim Cantore, of the Weather Channel, referring to Tropical Storm Laura, on Monday morning said: 'Waiting in the wings is that diamond in the rough that could be a .500 hitter with 100 home runs and a hundred RBI's.'

"That's either three metaphors or five, depending if you count the baseball references as one metaphor or three."

Once bitten…

Wendy Gill, of Holden, says, "Reading the story of the pet alligator, I so related.

"My father-in-law brought a baby alligator home for my boys years ago. My youngest, 3 at the time, named it Henry (pronouncing it the French way, 'An-Ree').

"It was in the bathtub with him, and he carried it all the time.

"An-Ree left us when he was about 4 feet long and bit me when I was feeding him.

"I DARED my father-in-law to repeat that gift!"

Brave Bama guy

"Alabama Wildman" says if the folks mentioned in recent columns are brave for having pro-LSU Alabama license plates, "I must deserve the Medal of Honor of Alabama football fans living in Louisiana.

"I have lived in Louisiana since 1977, except for a 5-year return to the great state of Alabama. I have proudly displayed Alabama decals on my cars, and never leave my house without something Alabama on — lapel pin, shirt, watch, etc.

"I'm so brave, in fact, that several years ago I attended a Bama-LSU game in Baton Rouge with two LSU fans, driving my car with Bama flags and decals.

"It is confusing to me that all LSU fans talk about is beating Bama. We Alabama fans want to beat everyone; we don't focus on one school."

Which reminds me

The late George Smith, columnist for the Anniston, Alabama, Star, was the most avid Bama fan I ever knew.

His son had been a long snapper for Bear Bryant on a couple of national championship teams, and his home and office were decorated with photos of the great coach.

At one of the many national columnists' conferences we attended, I mentioned casually to George that LSU had won a national championship earlier that year.

In his molasses-thick drawl, he told me, "Son, come back and see me when you've won 13 of 'em."     

Just like it's spelled

"To continue our discussion on Cajun pronunciation," says Ray Schell, of Prairieville, "probably the most interesting one we hear most frequently over the radio is the ad for LAY-jay — which turns out to actually be for Leger."

It's in the book

Barbara Brown says, "When we were moving to Louisiana in 1976 we received a brochure from American Bank named 'Pronunciation Guide to Louisiana.'

"I asked Bill, 'Are we moving to a foreign country?'

It did come in handy. However, it took us a while to be able to pronounce Atchafalaya!"

(The Baton Rouge Chamber of Commerce, when I worked there, distributed one, sponsored by various financial institutions and based on a guide for WJBO announcers and newscasters originated in 1946 by Bob Scearce and Ralph Sims.) 

Special People Dept.

  • Vergie Cox Hamilton, a 50-year Baker resident now in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, celebrates her 104th birthday Wednesday, August 26.
  • Jackie Mason, of the Faubourg Marigny neighborhood of New Orleans, celebrates her 99th birthday Wednesday, August 26.
  • Marguerite Baribault, of Bellevue, Washington, formerly of Metairie, celebrated her 92nd birthday Tuesday, August 25.
  • Celia and Hal Filgo, of St. James Place in Baton Rouge, celebrate their 70th anniversary Wednesday, August 26.

Double trouble

Blake poses these timely questions: "Hey Smiley, how many Pat O’Brien's jokes have you received regarding 2 for 1 Hurricanes?

"Is it 2021 yet?"

And the answers are:

1. Way too many.

2. Sadly, no.

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