The contributor who submitted this asked that it be credited to "Name withheld by request" for some reason:

"Back when there were school boxing teams in Louisiana, I was on the team of St. Peter's College in New Iberia.

"When we fought against Loreauville, I went out to the ring for my bout and the seconds were helping me off with my robe when they discovered I had forgotten to put on my trunks.

"I had to go back to the dressing room and get a pair of trunks.

"I think the other boy would have beaten me, but he was laughing so hard that we fought to a draw."

The lure of TV

Russ Wise, of LaPlace, recalls early days of television:

"Dwight Eisenhower’s inauguration was the first one ever to be televised, and our first grade teacher told the class that students who had televisions were being allowed to go home to watch.

"We didn’t have one, but my buddy Mike Fisher did, and he said I could come to his house. So I did.

"After it was over, 'Howdy Doody' came on. I wasn’t about to miss Buffalo Bob or Clarabelle, so I watched that too. And suddenly it was dark.

"I walked home — we all did back then — and met my father about a half-mile from home. He’d been out looking for me and was about to call the police.

"I don’t think my feet hit the ground all the rest of the way home."

War wounds

In the Tuesday column, a helpful reader said my use of "welp" to describe the result of chinaberry popgun shootings should have been "welt," since "whelp" refers to puppies.

But Penelope Raacke tells us, "My husband Stephen, born and raised in Amite, says he will continue to call the chinaball wounds 'whelps,' explaining that if you were hit by one it hurt so much you thought you were having puppies."

Take a seat

Here's a VW Beetle story from my "Some People Will Steal Anything" file:

"Jayceegee" says, "In around 1965 my family and I were living in Gretna.

"One morning my husband got up to go to work, and when he opened the car door to the Beetle there was no seat in the car. Someone had stolen the seat during the night.

"My 5-year-old daughter had woke up during the night and looked out the window, and saw someone outside at the car.

"It scared her so much she hid instead of coming to wake us up and tell us.

"So my husband had to drive to work sitting on a box!"

Special People Dept.

  • Mary and George W. Hill celebrate 76 years of marriage Thursday, Aug. 8.
  • Leland and Barbara Stockwell celebrate their 63rd anniversary Thursday, Aug. 8.

Man for the job

Norbert P. Vincent Sr. says, "Noticed that the city of Chicago spent $33,600 after discovering an alligator in a park lagoon.

"Most of the money was spent over a month trying to keep the public out of the area.

"They finally called Florida trapper Frank Robb and paid him $2,500 plus $2,166 for travel and lodging expenses to remove the gator.

"They should have called Troy Landry (of the Louisiana-based 'Swamp People' TV show) and his boys at the beginning, and could have saved a pot full of money.

"He would have taken the gator back to Pierre Part free of charge. His fee would have saved the city over $20,000 because he just needed travel expenses plus a few extra dollars to scope out the lagoon and figure out how to capture that gator without using a handgun."

Legendary story

Ronnie Stutes, of Baton Rouge, this column's unpaid fact checker, says our Wednesday story about the guys who tinkered with their buddy's VW Beetle, adding or removing gasoline to affect the mileage, may be a great story, but it's an often-told "urban legend."

It shows up as one of the "Ten Best Automotive Practical Jokes" on the Hagerty automotive website, with the neighbor of a guy named Carl doing the dirty deed.


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