My readers responded to the “Name That Dixie Beer” contest with the same enthusiasm the Saints showed Monday night against the Raiders.

Just kidding; I got quite a few suggestions. I haven’t had time to count all of them, but they ranged between 6 and 200.

Here are a few:

  • Keith Horcasitas, of Baton Rouge, suggested “Dat Beer,” “Who-Dat Beer” or “Where ‘Yat Beer.”
  • Jude LeBoeuf, of Kenner, agreed that “Dat Beer” had merit, and even suggested a commercial line: “Hey, I’ve had a hard day. Gimme some o’ Dat Beer!”
  • Donald Marcantel, of Slidell, said, “I think Dixie Beer should be named ‘Southern Style’ beer.” Perhaps as a tribute to ‘Old Style,’ which I found to be a favorite of Chicago Cubs fans the last time I was up there.
  • Bill Huey repeats his suggestion from July that it be named “Dixon Beer” in honor of Dave Dixon, who was an important figure in establishing both the Saints and the Superdome in New Orleans.

Prize beer

Dick Speyrer says, “I laughed when you proposed that the winner of the Dixie Beer naming contest get a case of it. ”In the 1990s I played on a team in a golf tournament. Three of the people in my foursome were so-so golfers, or worse. We were depending on our ‘A’ player to carry us, but he was a no-show. ”As a result, we finished last in the scoring. The prize for finishing there was a case of Dixie Beer for each of us that a sponsor donated. ”The sponsor had the beer as compensation for a debt owed by the brewery when they went bankrupt back then, and it had apparently been sitting in a warehouse for quite some time. ”The old Dixie Beer was only palatable if it was just short of frozen.”

Supernatural Dome

Bill Huey adds that while we’re naming things, “Maybe they should bring in a voodoo high priestess to banish the COVID cooties and rename it ‘The Voodoo Dome.’ It would then rival the new ‘Death Star’ in Vegas where the Saints played Monday night.”

Difficult Names Dept.

Donald Marcantel, in addition to naming Dixie Beer, tells this “name problem” story:

“In the late ’70s I worked for South Central Bell in management. During a two-week strike, I was sent to Lafayette to work as a repair clerk.

“When a customer would call, their name would pop up on the screen and we would answer ‘Mr. or Mrs. so-and-so.’

“The first day I was horrible with pronunciation. The next day I was really getting the hang of it and doing very well, until a name popped up and I answered, ‘Good morning, Mrs. Zho-naa.’

“She immediately corrected me, and said, ‘No, my name is Mrs. Jones.’

“We laughed all the way up until I told her we could not come out for another two weeks.”

Special People Dept.

Dorthea Reeves Perrin, of Ponchatoula, celebrated her 98th birthday Saturday at a drive-by parade by her house, led by a Ponchatoula Fire Department firetruck. A native of New Orleans who grew up in McComb, Mississippi, she has just published a memoir, “Will I Ever Hear the Whippoorwills?,” about her early life. She is also working on a book of poetry.

Pet Peeve Dept.

Talk about naming beer reminds me of something that bothers me when I’m watching a movie (which I’ve been doing a lot since the pandemic forced hunkering down).

Whenever there’s a bar scene, someone usually says to the bartender, “Gimme a beer.”

I’ve been in many bars, and I’ve never, ever, not once heard anyone say “Gimme a beer.” Beer is always ordered by brand.

In college I was a Jax guy. My dad and many of my friends were Falstaff guys. One buddy was a Schlitz guy, but we figured he was putting on airs.

It was like being a Ford guy or a Chevy guy: it was part of who you were.

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