I've been hearing some stories lately that remind me of the old gag about the guy who was dating a girl so young she thought Wings was Paul McCartney's first band.

Daughter Tammy says she told her personal trainer, a lovely young lady of 21, that the steps in her exercise training reminded her of the dances in "West Side Story."

"What's that?" asked the trainer.

Tammy says she got the same reaction when she mentioned the "Time Warp" dance from "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Which brings us to this tale from Lynn Mitchell:

"I just went to a beautiful new supermarket where everyone was smiling and helpful.

"I asked a young retailer where I could find 'Pet milk' (a brand of canned evaporated milk, like Carnation).

"He said, 'Come with me' — and took me to the dog food and pet aisle!"

My kind of pet

"I am once again living (or trying to live) in the frozen wastes of Colorado," says Shlomo Pielstick-Kennedy.

"I have read that before you acquire a pet, you should be sure that you can give it the care and exercise that it needs.

"At my age (84), I believe that the best pet for me would be a three-toed sloth."

Say what?

"Old Friend" started the day by "dropping the TV remote  smack dab onto a profusely melted buttered biscuit."

Then, standing in a slow line at the grocery store (due to a price controversy), "the lady behind me said, 'I like the weather.'

"I turned toward her, wondering why she liked the rainy, dismal day, and said, 'You LIKE it?'

"She said, 'Yes,' and I said, 'Well, I can't say that I do.'

"She looked puzzled, and then I asked her if we were discussing the same topic.

"She said, 'What I said was, I like your sweater.'

"Perhaps it's time to drop by an ear trumpet shoppe."

Shrewd observers

Richard O'Neill says, "While standing in the checkout line at Macy's with my wife, a Shaq O'Neal size gentleman with several friends came and stood in line behind us.

"My wife Gail, who speaks to anyone, turned, looked up at the giant behind us, and said, 'Wow, you must be a football player.'

"Looking down at her, he responded, 'And wow, you must be a grandmother!'"

Eat here, get gas

Tim Palmer, of Lafayette, adds this note about Mickey’s Gold Nugget, the Baton Rouge steak house named for Mickey Montalbano:

"Mickey's was a service station in a prior life. The gas pumps were still operational, and they still sold gasoline.

"I was told that selling the gasoline helped cover the overhead, and allowed for lower prices on the steaks.

Special People Dept.

  • Edna "T Non" Comeaux, of Carencro, celebrated her 100th birthday on Saturday, Nov. 24.
  • John William Whitson celebrated his 100th birthday on Nov. 18 with a reception at St. James Retirement Community in Baton Rouge.
  • Jackie Melker, of Baton Rouge, celebrates his 90th birthday on Wednesday, Nov. 28.
  • John and Pearl Gaidry, of Lafayette, celebrated their 69th anniversary on Nov. 19.
  • Betty and Jim Azcona, natives of New Orleans who moved to Rayne "after the levees broke" following Hurricane Katrina, celebrated their 67th anniversary on Saturday, Nov. 24.
  • James and Catherine Brasseaux, of Carencro, celebrated their 64th anniversary on Sunday, Nov. 25.
  • Vernon and Shirley Strickland, of Baton Rouge, celebrated their 62nd anniversary on Nov. 17.
  • Johnny and Brenda Comeaux, originally of Church Point, now living in Denham Springs, celebrated their 60th anniversary on Thursday, Nov. 22.
  • Eroyl and Joy Cambre, of Sunshine, celebrated 57 years of marriage on Nov. 18.

Thought for the Day

From "Tiger Fan:" "Who knew the 'Twelfth Man' was a referee?"

Vacation lament

Modesty should prevent me from running this highly flattering poem from Gail Stephenson, of Baton Rouge.

But it doesn't…:

"My morning routine’s all screwed up.

I’m filled with great frustration.

How can I start my morning right

When Smiley’s on vacation?

Sausage, biscuit, cup of tea

And The Advocate, Section B

Morning routine, Smiley’s key —

It’s the perfect combination.

Then the dreaded box appears

Realizing my worst fears

Driving everyone to tears

Smiley’s on vacation."

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