Peter Bourgeois, of Opelousas, has an "Only in Louisiana" story:

"In the early 1950s, I was one of the few male students who showed up at Terrebonne High on the first day of duck season.

"Most of my classmates were out in the marsh in duck blinds.

"We were required to bring an excuse from our parents when we missed school.

"One boy came with a piece of paper allegedly signed by his mother (who probably spoke only French), which said, 'Please excuse Maurice from school yesterday. He took a longing to hunt.'"  

Which reminds me

I once worked in an office with a Cajun guy. One morning the weather was unusually miserable — bone-chilling cold, slight drizzle, dark clouds so low you could almost touch them.

I arrived at work to find my Cajun buddy standing outside, looking up at the gray sky.

As I approached, he said, "Man, how you like this great weather? What a day!"

As I entered the building, another coworker, who had seen our exchange, noticed the perplexed look on my face and explained, "Duck hunter…"   

Ready for med school

Charlie Anderson has a tale of a fast learner:

"Years ago my 3-year-old son, David, and I had bad colds at the same time. I got doctors' appointments for us on the same day.

"First, we went to my doctor. While examining me, he noticed David’s curiosity, so he explained, 'This is called a stethoscope; this is the diaphragm and this is the bell.'

“'Ohh,' said David.

"We went immediately to a pediatrician. As he performed his examination, he reached for his stethoscope. Seeing a reaction from David, he said, 'I’m just going to listen to your chest with my little telephone.'

“'That’s not a telephone,' said David. 'It’s a stethoscope; that’s the diaphragm and that’s the bell.'”


The iron lady

Commenting on our seminar on warnings, Wanda Gee says, "I guess I'm one of those risk takers for whom those ludicrous caution labels for appliances are written.

"Regarding the warning to not iron your clothes while wearing them, I admit I've done that.

"Dressed and ready to go out one night, I noticed a big wrinkle on the front of my pullover blouse. Not wanting to take it off and mess up my freshly styled hair, I stuffed a throw pillow under my blouse and ironed away.

"It worked; no injuries, thank goodness. I am sure I'm not the only woman who has done this out of desperation! Not wisdom, desperation."

Phideaux the chef?

While we're on the subject of warning labels, Ken Diebold, of Covington, says, "In the owner’s manual for a toaster oven from a famous chef, a warning indicates, 'Do not leave unattended with children or pets.'

"I don’t know about you, but has anyone ever left their pets in charge of their cooking?"

Shocking advice

A reader cited a warning on an electric shaver about getting water too hot when cleaning it.

Saran Stravinska, of Chestnut, says, "I hope the instructions also suggested you first unplug the shaver from the electrical outlet."

Special People Dept.

— Joyce Morgani, of Slidell, celebrates her 90th birthday Tuesday, Feb. 2.

— Oneil and Vickie Williams, of Metairie, celebrate their 74th anniversary Tuesday, Feb. 2.

Cheap Drink Dept.

Ferd Guttierrez, of Lacombe, says, "I remember this jingle from the 1940s, I think. It must have been a favorite, as I still know it:

"'Pepsi-Cola hits the spot; 12 full ounces, that's a lot. Twice as much for a nickel, too; Pepsi-Cola is the drink for you.'

"Hard to remember just how much you could buy with a nickel."

Sticking point

Paul Major, of Livonia, says an Advocate article "described many unconventional ways the COVID vaccine could be administered, to counter the problem of having enough qualified personnel to administer the shots.

"The article mentioned using dentists, optometrists, and veterinarians. I think all those would be excellent choices, although I would want to double-check the size of the hypodermic the veterinarian was using."

Yes, you might want to find a vet who specializes in dogs and cats rather than horses…

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