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With unsettling news about football coaches dominating our news, Craig Bennett's story is especially timely: 

"Being a Saints season ticket-holder since 1975, I've had many experiences, and would like to share this one.

"John North, interim coach for the Saints, was asked after a tough loss, 'What happened?'

"John, with his feet propped up on his desk and his hat crooked on his head, like former LSU Coach Charlie McClendon, said, 'Don’t ask me, go ask them. We told them what to do. They just didn't do it!'

"He was gone shortly after that season!"

Sounds Biblical

Mary Pramuk, of Baton Rouge, has a problem:

"We have frogs — not a new disease, but five tiny frogs, none more than an inch long, that have taken over the trunk lid of our car. When my husband moved to oust them, one squirted him.

"Later, after grocery shopping, he opened the trunk and they were back. He didn't want to dump them in the parking lot, where they could be run over.

"We figured they were getting in through the opening at the top of the door, full of leaf roughage, or possibly by flattening themselves inside the rubber stripping.

"I touched one sitting in the round depression on the door. He catapulted over the entire width of the car.

"Question: Why us?"

Greenie blues

Robert Cabes, of Lafayette, grew up in New Orleans and attended Tulane football games. He attended LSU, but also Tulane Law School. So he has a history with the Green Wave.

He says, "Thursday night, looking for TV football, to my delight I stumbled on Tulane vs. Houston. The game was pretty good, although the Green Wave lost.

"But who decided to have the team wear blue helmets and uniforms? I did not consider the blue ugly, but it was obvious Tulane still intended to be known as the Green Wave … How can you be a Green Wave with blue uniforms?"

Two thoughts from this LSU fan, Robert:

1. I think those powder blue uniforms look nice.

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2. I suspect some Tulane fans would rather lose looking stylish than win looking tacky.

Night sky nostalgia

Mention of the Russian's Sputnik in the '50s brought this recollection from Frank Fronczek, of Baton Rouge:

"A few years after Sputnik, the U.S. put two Echo communications satellites into orbit. They were big (about 100 feet diameter) reflective Mylar balloons, easily visible to the naked eye, moving across the night sky.

"This was quite novel at the time, and a great spectator sport. As I recall, newspapers published timetables of when you could see them.

"Nowadays, it's hard to look at the sky for more than a couple of minutes without seeing a satellite."

Nice People Dept.

"The Rivers family of Nine Mile Point" sends in this note of appreciation:

"Our family was at Drago's in Metairie after picking up our grandson who had been stationed in Iraq, to celebrate his return after serving a yearlong tour.

"We'd like to thank two lovely ladies who paid for our meal anonymously. So very nice, and made our lunch even more special."

Special People Dept.

— Robert A. "Bob" Seals Sr., "aka Paw Paw or Pops," of Baton Rouge, celebrated his 95th birthday Tuesday, Oct. 12. He is a World War II Marine veteran and Purple Heart recipient, serving in the Pacific. He is described as a "hole-in-one legend at the old Sherwood Forest Golf Club in Baton Rouge."

— Esther "Mrs. Dutch" Morrison celebrates her 92nd birthday  Wednesday, Oct. 13. She and her husband John "Mr. Dutch" owned Dutch's Lawnmower and Bicycle on Plank Road in Baton Rouge for over 30 years.

The Taxmobile?

Celeste Ellender says, "The comment by George Sells regarding the license tag with the letters 'DWI' reminded me of years ago when my then husband, the late Gary Cooper, got a new truck.

"Our son and I picked up the tag when it was ready. My son burst into laughter when he read the letters 'IRS.'

"Needless to say, Gary immediately traded in the new tag for an LSU one!"

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