When I saw the Sunday Advocate photo of Joe Burrow wearing that "Burreaux" jersey Saturday night in Tiger Stadium, I thought of Bill Huey.

A couple of weeks ago, Bill asked me this about Joe: "Hasn't he changed his name to 'Burreaux' yet? Maybe the governor should issue an official proclamation."

Well, Bill, you got your wish — and no proclamation was needed.

Explosive situation

Speaking of college football, you might have noticed that at one point in the Auburn game, Alabama's Coach Nick Saban, upset over the ways things were going, turned an alarming shade of crimson. Ed Fike noticed this too:

"I sent a text message to a childhood friend and Alabama fan during the Auburn-Alabama game, asking if Saban had sent someone out to NAPA during halftime to buy a new gasket to replace the one he blew out at the end of the second quarter.

"Got a chuckle out of my friend's response: 'O'Reilly was closer!’ ”

Foreign affairs

Kenny McCumsey, of Baton Rouge, says, "This past week, our 4-year-old grandson, Sawyer, spent the night at our house, where he has his own room (he’s an 'only' grandchild).

"In his room is an old piggy bank left behind years ago when our own kids left home. It’s chock full of coins, which he loves to dump out on the floor and arrange in various patterns.

"On Thanksgiving morning, he was demonstrating this game to his Uncle Pat when they came across an unfamiliar coin, a euro.

“'This one’s different,' said Uncle Pat. 'It must be from a foreign country.'

"Without hesitation, Sawyer replied, 'Yeah, like Alabama!’ ”

Hard choice

Harvey Pashibin, of Upper Lafayette, offers this seasonal story:

"I’ve decided to buy myself one gift for Christmas (it’s called 'self-indulgence').

"I've got it narrowed down to four choices: a Bowflex station, a Peloton bike, a Nautilus treadmill, or a new couch.

"I’m looking through fabric choices now."

Got latte?

Karen Tatum, of Prairieville, comments on our definition of "latte" in the Monday column ("You paid too much for that coffee."): 

"In contrast to the suggested definition in your column, my son Joe Stassi learned the true meaning of latte on his semester in Italy last year.

"On his first day of class he stopped at a little cafe in Milan and, without thinking, ordered a latte.

"To his profound disappointment he did not get his morning caffeine, but was handed a tall glass of milk.

"Latte simply means 'milk' in Italian."

Mom wins one

Ernie Gremillion, of Baton Rouge, says, "Seeing Algie Petrere's submission in the Monday column about the child asking the parent why they had her if they couldn't afford her reminds me of the line from a female comedian on TV.

"After an argument with her teenage son, he asked her if he was going to be such a problem, why did they have him? Her response was, 'Well, we didn't know it was going to be you!’ ”

Nice People Dept.

When Keith Horcasitas stopped by Lea's in Lecompte for chocolate pie, he bought some of their postcards to send to friends. He thanks the fellow customer who offered to walk the cards to the local post office for him.

Special People Dept.

Rebecca McMorris celebrated her 95th birthday Monday, Dec. 2.

Big city blues

Wayne Smith, of Covington, says, "We took our grandson to New York City last week for his first visit there.

"While in a restaurant, I overheard this 'only in New York City' quote:

"Two men are talking, and one says to the other, 'If he would just let go of his existential angst, he would realize he's actually really happy.’ ”

Picky snacker

Peggy Pellegrin, of Marrero, says, "My youngest child, Jace, was about 4 years old when one day he was playing in the yard and got really hot and sweaty.

"I got a cool towel and started to wipe him down. I looked at those big blue eyes and said, 'How about a nice ice cream sandwich?'

"He looked back at me and said, 'Mama, can I just have ice cream with no bread?’ ”

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