Dear Smiley: Regarding your mention of being on oxygen due to COPD:

I have to ask — did you ever consider asking your doctor to include a little laughing gas? Just wondering. ...


Panama City Beach, Florida

Dear T-Bob: Thanks for the suggestion. If 2020 gets any worse, it might be the only way to wind up the year with a smile.

Meaty topic 

Dear Smiley: About your Thursday fried snake story:

My husband killed a small ground rattler in our front yard, and granddaughter Zelda, 6, saw the corpse.

The next day I made a big pot of vegetable beef soup to share with my son and his family. I cut up a sirloin steak and added it to the soup so it would be meatier, as the meat is Zelda’s favorite part of the soup.

I told everyone I’d made “steak soup.” Zelda heard it as “snake soup” however, and was convinced I’d added the rattler to the soup.

She ate it anyway — and now vegetable beef soup has a new name at our house.


Baton Rouge

Forgotten brew

Dear Smiley: In your ongoing seminar on New Orleans beers, I don't think anyone has mentioned Regal.

In the spring they brewed a dark bock beer, available on tap. It might have been slightly cheaper than Jax and Dixie.

In any case, my friends and I enjoyed it, even though someone suggested that the color and taste might have been a result of an annual cleaning of their brewing equipment.



Dear Roger: I didn't mention Regal because when I was old enough (more or less) to order beer, Regal wasn't one I ever heard of in Baton Rouge establishments. It's nice to know there are a few things I'm too young to remember.

Bargain beer

Dear Smiley: I’m sure the statute of limitations has run out, so I feel comfortable telling this story about Maggio’s Drive-In Liquor Store in Natchitoches (mentioned by a reader in an earlier column).

When my wife of 50 years and I were dating, we made many a trip between Maggio's and the river bank on Cane River.

Maggio's was set up so you drove in, placed your order, made a left turn, and they would come out of another door with your selection.

A friend of mine worked there, so we would drive in and order two quarts of Lone Star for 42 cents a quart, give him a dollar, and he would come out the other door with our beer and my change: four quarters.

Can’t beat that price!


Baton Rouge

Death notice

Dear Smiley: Let me offer you this:

Have you ever noticed how some people, including myself, keep repeating old sayings? If you repeat them enough, sometimes they become yours.

For instance, if someone tells me about someone who died, I may answer, "Well, people are dying today who have never died before."

The other day, someone told me about someone who died.

And before I could reply, he said, "And you know your old saying."


Church Point

Kid stuff

Dear Smiley: You mentioned that you enjoyed children's funny comments. I hope you like this one.

When my granddaughter Erica, now 37, was about 4 years old, I decided to teach her right from left.

I started out with the right hand then the left, then the right foot and left foot.

I moved to her eyes and pointed to the right eye and asked her, "If this is the right eye, what is this one?" while pointing to the left. She looked at me with big blue eyes and said, "The wrong one?"

I'll admit I had a hard time keeping a straight face.



Halo to you

Dear Smiley: I read, with a certain amount of dubiousness, in your Friday column that ALL employees of the "T-P Advocate" are angels. Indeed, all with whom I've come in contact do exhibit angelic characteristics.

However, that being said, don't you work for that above mentioned publication? Just asking.



Dear Michael: Yes, but I am very modest and seldom reference my angelic qualities. 

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