Bill Huey indulges in some wishful thinking:

"Do you think Joe Burrow might be persuaded to return to LSU for his doctorate, so we can have a few more years of hope for LSU football?

"He could play until he completes his coursework and is ready to write his dissertation. By then, he would be almost as old as our present punter.

"The only other quarterback with a doctorate I know of is Frank Ryan (1958-1970, Rams, Browns, and Washington). Ryan was a mathematician, and his dissertation was titled 'Characterization of the Set of Asymptotic Values of a Function Holomorphic in the Unit Disc.'

"Joe wouldn’t have to get that heavy…"

Tough biker

Earl Guidry, of Lafayette, follows up on our Monday story about a trip up South America and North America:

"When we were visiting Deadhorse, Alaska, in the summer of 2002, a young German motorcyclist rode up to the hotel on his BMW bike.

"He was just arriving after a trip from Tierra del Fuego to Deadhorse, the settlement adjoining the Prudhoe Bay oil field. The trip had taken two years.

"He promptly stripped to a bathing suit and dove into the bay, swimming among the small icebergs. He had one of the visitors take a picture. He stayed in the water for about 15 minutes."

Cleaning up

Earl Newman says, "Going just a bit further with your childhood memory of a time when all refrigerators were ‘Frigidaires,’ all vacuum cleaners were ‘Hoovers,’ and all cameras were Kodak, regardless of what brand was on them — it should also be noted that all soft drinks were ‘Coke.’

"Brooks Robinson, of the championship era Baltimore Orioles, the greatest fielding third baseman of all time, was called 'Mr. Hoover.'

"I tried to emulate him in my youth. I was not very successful, but I did manage to coach baseball for kids."

The paper chase

Tony Falterman, of Napoleonville, is concerned:

"As I ride through the parish, I notice that a lot of houses are now getting the toilet paper treatment that has become an annual ritual for the high school teens.

"I wonder just how much the value of the homes has increased with the 'rolling' of what just recently was a scarce and expensive necessity?

"I bet most of the parents haven’t checked their stash lately! Looks like a new shortage might just be created unintentionally."

Special deliveries

  • Steve Koehler, of Metairie, says, "I am really impressed with the Advocate/Times-Picayune delivery people. On Thursday morning, before the sun came up and just hours after Hurricane Zeta ripped through, my newspaper was on my front lawn."
  • Nancy C. Van Den Akker says, "I had back surgery. My Advocate delivery man, Ricky, found a little plastic stand to put by my door, so I wouldn't have to bend down for my paper! It was so very thoughtful of him."

Helpful Hints Dept.

At the risk of getting into Heloise territory, here's a suggestion for Bill Reed, who sought a gasket for his ancient International Harvester chest freezer:

Billy Rownd, of Ponchatoula, says, "My grandparents had one of those when I was a tyke, circa 1950. It wasn’t new then (there was light rust on the front of the cabinet), and it was still running fine when the house was sold in the '80s. Farm implements weren’t the only things I-H built very well.

"Regarding his question about a replacement gasket, he might try Steele Rubber Products ( or 888-778-2237), which makes quality rubber parts for restorers. I used some of their products on a 60-year-old boat I just restored, with great success."

Special People Dept.

Vera Allen Hodges, of Baton Rouge, celebrates her 94th birthday Wednesday, Nov. 4.

Greek to me

Bruce Tarantola, of Houma, wonders, "What are we supposed to name these hurricanes once we run out of Greek letters?"

Paula King, of Gretna, suggests: "After Zeta and Eta, just call the rest of the season 'Etc.'"

Out of sight…

Charlie Anderson says, "The doctor says that after cataract surgery I’ll have 2020 vision. I’m not sure I want that."

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