David Palmisano, of Marrero, says, "Recent monkey stories brought this one to mind.

"A few years ago, when cruising was not life threatening, my wife Katherine and I took a Western Caribbean cruise.

"We had seen enough beaches and Mayan ruins, so we decided to try something different on our stop in Honduras, zip lining.

"We took a bus to the staging area in the mountains, and were instructed to place everything we could not secure in our pockets in lockers.

"My wife did not notice one of the nearby workers had a pet monkey on a leash. As she removed her hat to put it in the locker, the monkey saw her teased hairdo and pounced on top of her head.

"As she screamed, the fellow tourists were bent over laughing. Workers tried to pry the monkey loose as he held on for dear life with both hands.

"We have some great pictures of us zipping over the treetops, but I still regret not having my camera ready for the monkey shot."

Searching for beauty

"I know I'm a little late with my contribution," says Chase, "but you were recently talking about Pecan Island.

"I've driven through Pecan Island on Louisiana Highway 82, which continues on to parallel the coast for the western half of the state; through Cameron, Holly Beach, and on until the Texas border.

"I think Highway 82 is the most beautiful drive in Louisiana, and I had a great time down on the coast there.

"This led me to a fun question that could prompt some reader conversation: What do your readers think is the most beautiful drive in Louisiana? Can anything top Highway 82 through Cameron Parish?"

Gator memories

Keith Horcasitas, of Baton Rouge, combines our alligator stories with another popular subject, colorful old bars:

"Andrew, our oldest son, and I used to love to go fishing and looking for snakes at Alligator Bayou by Spanish Lake.

"That waterway unfortunately got drained a few years ago.

"Sometimes, we would visit the rustic bar there, the former home of Miss Earline's Alligator Hilton.

"We once went on a canoe ride there, where we were visited by some pretty big gators. They perused us, but no attacks happened!"

Miss Earline's Alligator Hilton, located about 10 miles south of LSU, in the '80s and early '90s was a favorite meeting place for students and other adventurous souls, especially on Sunday afternoons and nights.

Miss Earline was noted for her jambalaya and other hearty dishes, kept a loaded 12 gauge shotgun behind the bar, and presided over an establishment covered floor-to-ceiling with dollar bills of past patrons.

Coozan Dud's saint

"Many of your readers will remember the late state Sen. Dudley J. LeBlanc and his miracle tonic, Hadacol," says Robert B. Vincent.

"What they may not know is that 'Coozan Dud' LeBlanc had a deep devotion to St. Theresa. This devotion led him to make a series of donations of St. Theresa statues to Catholic churches throughout Louisiana.

"Each marble statue came with a marble base that was clearly marked with a quote from St. Theresa and 'Donated by Dudley J. LeBlanc.'

"I am trying to locate all the churches that have one of these statues. If your readers know of a church that has such a statue, please have them let me know, at (337) 224-8952 or erath1@aol.com."

Special People Dept.

Selma C. Barbier, of Napoleonville, celebrates her 100th birthday Wednesday, July 15.

Nonstop traffic

"I saw on the news that Baton Rouge is working on syncing traffic lights," says Bo Bienvenu, of Prairieville.

"I remember during one of Mayor Woody Dumas’ reelection campaigns he was taking questions from callers to a radio program.

"When asked if he was reelected, would he sync traffic lights, he replied, 'What good are traffic lights if they don’t stop anyone?'”

Groaner of the Month

Algie Petrere tells of the bird-loving butcher who wanted a seagull from a pet shop, and offered to trade some sausage for it.

The shop owner agreed to the deal, so the butcher took a tern for the wurst. 

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